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huawei u8100

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    Root Safe temporary root for Huawei U8100

    For anyone looking for a safe way to temporarily root your U8100, here is what I did: 1) Install Terminal Emulator from market, and VISIONary via this site: 19/Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root - Android @ MoDaCo 2) Run VISIONary and do temporary root. Be careful not to do permanent...
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    How to restore my phone (aka I did a stupid thing)

    Hi everyone, I just installed a software update on my Huawei U8100. I was under the impression that all my settings, apps etc. were backed up and would be restored (Obviously I should have done my research in this regard). My Gmail, contacts, etc. are fine because I get those back from my...
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    HUAWEI U8100-9 in Alaska

    So I purchased a Huawei U8100-9 in Alaska, because for some reason Alaska wireless companies only sell Canadian based phone models, it seems. I flashed it with the update from Huaweidevices.com and now my wi-fi does not work. Any ideas? Can't seem to get back the original build at all.
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    Locked Out my day old Android.

    yesterday I bought a brand new Huwaeii u8100, and while playing around with it I put a lock on. I go to change the lock and put in my old password then I try some new ones, and then I cancelled by mistake. Now it doesn't accept any password I put in and I don't know if I'm putting the right old...