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  1. Android News

    NSFW: Brazzers makes a parody porn smartphone concept

    Adult entertainment company Brazzers imagined up a parody phone -- a porn phone, if you will. It features a holographic display, a splash-resistant construction, and other features for the mobile porn watcher.
  2. Android News

    Silicon Valley "Not Hotdog" app launches for Android

    An app that was featured on comedy series Silicon Valley is now available for Android. It's called "Not Hotdog," and it helps you determine whether something is a hot dog.
  3. Android News

    Evolution of Google App icons shows a humorous (and troubling) pattern

    Someone has made a graphic showing the evolution of Google Play's app icons. The evolution over the years has gone toward a more unified look. The prediction for the next generation of app icons involves putting the new circle icons into square enclosures.
  4. Android News

    T-Mobile pokes fun at AT&T for Star Wars day

    T-Mobile is celebrating Star Wars day by branding AT&T the Evil Empire. John Legere thinks the company's logo looks something like a Death Star. They want you to spread the word about the dangers of the empire, and even went as far as making a Chrome extension to do it.
  5. Android News

    This is the OnePlus 3, with Android 6.0 (which is based on Android 5.0)

    LOL. Some shady-looking site has a shady-looking listing for a OnePlus 3. It's claiming to have a Snapdragon 820 chipset, 5.5-inch Quad HD display, and more. It's also $500, and has "Android 6.0 based on the latest Android 5.0."