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hyperkin smart boy

  1. Android News

    You can now pre-order a developer kit for the Hyperkin Smart Boy Game Boy phone adapter

    Toward the end of last week, we learned that Hyperkin was at E3 and they were showing off a smartphone product that started off as an April Fools joke. Now, Hyperkin is letting people pre-order the Smart Boy Game Boy adapter for your smartphone. This is labeled as a developer kit with a price...
  2. Android News

    Hyperkin turned their Game Boy smartphone adapter April Fools joke into an actual product

    Last year, Hyperkin teased the world with a phony Game Boy adapter that was said to let you slide in your iPhone and play Game Boy games with it. At E3 this year, it seems Hyperkin has been hard at work turning this joke into an actual product. The adapter is called the Hyperkin Smart Boy and...