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  1. DrSmith

    Please Help! Lost all of my home screen website shortcut icons

    Android 11 Moto g stylus (XT2115DL) Here is what happened. In 'Settings/Network and Internet/Advanced/Private DNS' on my phone I changed the setting from 'Private DNS provider hostname' = 'dns.adguard.com' to 'Off' because it was causing problems with an app by blocking the ads. Now the app...
  2. B

    Black bar at bottom of screen. Help.

    Hello. (Samsung Galaxy S7) All of the sudden this black bar appears at the bottom of my screen, ..it's a little bit over 1/8".....it doesn't bother me except can't see bottom of the icons on text messages and a few apps. My phone and battery are fine, and internet is fine except this black bar...
  3. A

    Hone Screen Layout Spacing

    I'm not sure how or why, but all of a sudden the vertical spacing on my homepage increased. The icons are further away from each other now, and widgets take up more space (the resize square is larger, from top to bottom, for all widgets). The icons size is still the same as it was, and the...
  4. Milo Williamson

    WPS editor in windows ten...

    Sometimes go off the icons for about a few minutes and it shrinks back to normal though, is this a bug?
  5. K

    Notification icon

    Anyone know what this one is?
  6. B

    Help! a 20yo girl know if she should stay or go

    Hi! I recently broke up with my bf of 9-10 months and moved out due to the relationship being incredibly toxic and abusive. He came to me and said he’s getting into therapy and changing himself. Long story short he sent me a screenshot, trying to prove himself, that he wasn’t doing wrong but I...
  7. samaspotion

    [APP][THEME] "Stranger Icons" icon pack, inspired by Stranger Things

    Hi there! My icon pack "Stranger Icons" is now available on Google Play: a set of glowing red and black icons for your apps and games inspired by Stranger Things! Stranger Icons icon pack comes with 2900+ HD icons and new ones are added with every update. :thumbsupdroid: Download on Google...
  8. I

    Is this a bug?

    Hi everyone, Today I was trying to put icons in my app but when I went to the "clipart" thing it only had about 30 icons. Now whenever I open it new icons appear. A video is attached -Inglan
  9. kumaranil13k

    How to lock home screen icons folders dragging deleting settings

    Question How to lock home screen icons folders dragging deleting settings I have rooted my mobiles and installed Nova launcher now on home screen i have categroized apps icons in circle folders. As the phone is also used by kids and family members whole opening touching the mistakenly drag or...
  10. W

    Image asset studio has No Legacy tab

    1. Above is the official crop of image asset studio. When you choose "Launcher Icons(Adaptive and Legacy)" as icon Type , there is supposed to be a Legacy tab, however, it didn't show on my studio. Anyone might know why? 2. What would happen if I upload a 512*512 dp image to foreground layer...
  11. M

    Help Icon Frames - Samsung s20

    Hello, Is there way or an update planned to remove the Icon Frames? This use to be a settings option and isn't for the s20. I tried looking for other Icon packs without frames but it seems like they've all been updated to use them now...or adapt to the phone setting and applying them. It's like...
  12. A

    Help App Icons

    Hey all. Really simple question. I just updated my S7 edge to Nougat and all my money square icons (ie Chrome's coloured circle) have an awful looking square border around them now. I remember disabling this when I got the phone but can't for the life of me remember where the setting is...
  13. A

    Help unknown notification icon

    Hello, in my status notification bar there's an icon that I don't recognize... It is made of a 3 planets orbits. Do you know which app is it? here it is: thank you!
  14. Android News

    How to: Make your status bar icons follow Android's Material Design guidelines

    With all the different skin overlay's that are used by various manufacturers, there comes a time when you just want that stock Android look. This how-to describes what you need to do to make that a reality.