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  1. Android News

    Nokia estimated to have sold 4.3 million smartphones through 3Q17

    HMD Global, brand licensee for Nokia phones, shipped the third-most number of feature phones in the third quarter and has amassed 4.3 million shipments of its new Android smartphones up through that period, according to IDC.
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    Tablet sales decline 3.4% year-over-year

    Tablet sales have declined 3.4% year-on-year despite increased profit for companies like Amazon and Apple. This trend has been in play for quite some time.
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    IDC: Windows Phone falls to 0.1% market share, Android up to 85% in Q1

    IDC puts Windows Phone shipments for the first quarter of 2017 at a meager 0.1%. This matches the 0.1% share of the "Others" category (most competing OSes are now discontinued, even Tizen's fate seems uncertain). Android is the ruling OS with a solid 85% market share. This left the other 15% to iOS.
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    Worldwide tablet shipments have reportedly declined 8.5% in a year

    IDC has just published a new report that says shipments of tablets are still on the decline. This would be the 10th straight quarterly decline, with Q1 showing a drop of 8.5% compared to the same quarter last year.
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    IDC claims that Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo, were the 'largest catalysts' for Q1 smartphone growth

    IDC has published a new report claiming that Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo, were the driving force behind an increase in smartphone sales over the course of Q1 2017.
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    Android devices hold 85% of the smartphone market share in 2016

    A new report from IDC shows that Android device holds 85% of the market share. The report also shows a rise in LTE device adoption from 61% to 77%.
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    Report claims 4G smartphone shipments should hit 1.17 billion this year

    A new report from IDC today projects that 4G smartphone shipments should reach a whopping 1.17 billion units by the end of this year. This would actually be up from last year when there were only 967 million units shipped by the end of the year.
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    Report says the used smartphone market is growing, projected to reach 222.6 million by 2020

    The IDC just published a paper that details how much the used smartphone market is growing. Their data shows 81.3 million used smartphones sold last year, and estimates this will reach 222.6 million by 2020.
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    Report from IDC says smartwatch sales declined over 51% in Q3 2016

    IDC has just sent out a press release that talks about the current state of smartwatch sales for the 3rd quarter of 2016. According to them, smartwatch sales dropped a total of 51.6% when compared to the 3rd quarter of 2015.
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    Analysts halve 2016 smartphone growth predictions

    The analysts at IDC have reduced their forecast for smartphone growth this year. Estimates initially called for 3.4% growth, but analysts believe just 1.6% of growth will be seen this year. This is the second reduction of predicted smartphone growth in just three months. IDC's Jitesh Ubrani...
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    Android tablets accounted for 65% of global shipments in Q2

    According to IDC, Android tablets are still largely the highest shipped devices in the slate category. They were responsible for 65% of tablet shipments in Q2 2016. Apple accounted for nearly 26% of the market beyond that, while Microsoft was unable to chart with Windows tablets.
  12. Android News

    Data from the IDC says the smartwatch market shrunk in Q2 2016

    The International Data Corporation's latest report shows that smartwatch shipments in the second quarter of this year hit right at 3.5 million shipments. Based on IDC's data, this is said to be a massive 35% decrease compared to Q2 2015. While some OEMs like Samsung and Lenovo saw an increase...
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    Tablet sales drop 16% in Q1 2016

    The techie love affair with tablets seems to be halting to a grind. IDC reports that tablet sales continue to fall, dropping a whopping 16% in Q1 2016, with no particular signs of recovery. With smartwatch sales only growing modestly, what will be the next big form factor?
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    Oppo and Vivo become 4th and 5th top smartphone brands for Q1

    With Chinese manufacturers flooding the market with low-cost Android smartphones, the balance of power is starting to shift. IDC report for Q1 shows that Samsung, Apple and Huawei retained their positions as the top three smartphone manufacturers, but Oppo and Vive pushed into the top five at...
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    Report suggests the smartphone market is starting to level off

    The mobile market has been booming over the better part of a decade and while companies have been trying to enter emerging markets, reports say things are starting to peak. In Q1 of last year, it was reported that 334.4 smartphones had shipped and now in Q1 of this year, IDC is reporting that...
  16. Android News

    The IDC reports 10% fewer tablets were shipped in 2015 compared to 2014

    It's been known that tablet sales have started slowing down over the last couple of years. All but one of the 5 major tablet OEMS saw negative growth in 2015 compared to the previous year. The only company that sold more tablets this year than last was Huawei(which shipped 116.6% more), but...