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  1. Android News

    Latest IMDb app update redesigns the UI as well as the UX

    The developers behind the IMDb application have just pushed out a new update that brings its version up to 7.0 and comes with the following changes. . . - Revamped UI - Browse the updated Movies, TV, and Celebrity tabs, which replace the nav drawer - Watch latest trailers, clips, and...
  2. Android News

    Latest IMDb update includes a dark theme, bug fixes and performance improvements

    Back in January we saw the iMDB Android application adopt some Material Design elements and now the company has expanded upon that in their latest update. The update includes the following changes. . . - Welcome to the dark side! You asked for a dark theme and you got it. Now you can use the...
  3. Android News

    Update to IMDB for Android emphasizes Material Design

    An update to the IMDB application shows the development team is following at least some of Google's Material Design guidelines. The latest update brings changes to the action bar at the top, the navigation bar on the side, and even starts using dark text on a white background for movie pages