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  1. Android News

    Imgur's Snapchat-style GIF collections come to Android

    Imgur's bid to bring Snapchat-like Stories to the GIF world is no loner confined to iOS. It's releasing an updated Android app that brings Snacks and the Feed to a wider array of devices.
  2. Android News

    Big Imgur update includes performance fixes and design changes

    Imgur for Android has received a big update today. In the update you'll find performance improvements, design enhancements, and tweaks to the UI. Imgur hosts much of the content you see on Reddit, but it's also a thriving social network in its own right. The full changelog is listed below. -...
  3. Android News

    Update to the Imgur Android App Improves Tablet Performance and UI

    The update brings the application up to version 2.3 and it comes with a few changes. The most notable one is performance an UI changes for Android tablets. The update also improves GIF performance, making them "better, faster, stronger" and it adds in a "Today on Imgur" notification feature.