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indie game

  1. P

    [FREE][GAME] Dodge Race Ball published

    Dodge Race Ball is a hellishly difficult casual game for hardcore gamers. Change the perspective of the camera to avoid the obstacles and win the tournament. Will you cry? Probably... Will you enjoy it? If you master it, probably you will... Download it from Google Play Store or Apple App...
  2. S

    Sonata of Sky Notre Dame [Review]

    Sonata of Sky Notre Dame is a good adventure in the sky cathedral. Adventure in the sky cathedral is a way from dark and low levels to light and high levels. Levels contain different kinds of tasks and every task has type of mark (logic, struggle, intuition, lucky, ride time, balance etc.). All...
  3. Kupferrot

    Planet Tower Defense

    Hello People, I developed a game as a hobby over the last weeks and kept adding patches to improve the game and add further content. Edit 25.05.2021: I reached over 1000 downloads by now, some of them came from this Forum. Thank you very much. Feel free to try it out...
  4. D

    Drug Dealer Job - a indie developer mobile game

    Hello there, I am a indie developer from Germany and I made a few small games in the past. My actual game Drug Dealer Job is a bit bigger. You have to create a route in the city to provide the packages to your customers. But you have to choose a good route that you won't get caught by the...
  5. Android News

    Indie Android Game Developers Sees Massive Increase From the Christmas Holiday

    The indie developer team behind the Android game Battlestation: Harbinger recently wrote up a blog post detailed how Christmas caused an increase in sales of his mobile game. The developer attributes this spike due to the increase in mobile devices sold and activated over the holiday season.