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    Broadcom says it will move its international headquarters back to the U.S.

    Broadcom has now announced that it will move its corporate headquarters back to the U.S. before April 3 to avoid a potential review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).
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    Intel reportedly looking to buy Broadcom, which is trying to take over Qualcomm

    According to The Wall Street Journal, Intel is reportedly looking into purchasing Broadcom, assuming Broadcom's hostile takeover of Qualcomm works out.
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    YouTube is being sued for ‘reverse discrimination’

    A former employee is suing YouTube over claims that the company stopped hiring white and Asian men for technical positions. The reasons for this move was "to increase diversity in the company's employee pool".
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    Qualcomm's new AI Engine works with existing Snapdragon chipsets

    Qualcomm has announced its new Artificial Intelligence Engine, which will work with existing Snapdragon processors, without the need of a dedicated Neural Processing Unit.
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    Samsung building a new 7nm foundry plant with production to begin by next year

    A South Korean news outlet has reported today that Samsung is going to break ground this week for a new 7-nanometer foundry plant.
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    Uber surprisingly settles with Waymo over stolen trade secrets

    Uber and Waymo have settled out of court over claims that Uber stole trade secrets. The settlement totals approximately $245 million, or about a 0.34% equity stake in Uber.
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    Samsung's Chairman suspected of evading $7.5 million in taxes

    South Korean police are currently looking into a tax-evasion case which claims that Samsung's chairman, Lee Kun-hee is suspected of evading $7.5 million in taxes.
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    Smartphone displays made of diamonds could arrive in 2019

    According to a new report from CNET, a company is working on perfecting using diamonds for smartphone displays to prevent breaks from being a problem once and for all.
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    Samsung stays on top with 317M shipments in 2017

    International Data Corporation and Strategy Analytics published their reports on the global smartphone shipments in Q4 and the full year 2017. The data reveals that Apple shipped 77.3 million iPhones in Q4 2017, most of any other manufacturer. For the full year, Samsung held its top position...
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    LG Mobile decline continues in Q4 2017

    LG Electronics released its Q4 and full 2017 financial results. The company posted record full-year revenues of KRW61.4 trillion ($55.4 billion), almost 11% more than 2016. Profit also was impressive - KRW2.47 trillion ($2.24 billion) which is an 85% increase over the previous 12 months. The...
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    Sphero is forced to make cuts after a disappointing holiday season

    Following a holiday season that failed to live up to expectations, Sphero has recently laid off 45 staff members globally. The majority of the layoffs were centered in the company’s Colorado headquarters, but staff cuts also affected its global offices in the U.K. and Hong Kong.
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    Dave Kleidermacher is the new Android Security Director

    Adrian Ludwig has moved on to Nest from his position as Android's Security Director. The post will now be filled by Dave Kleidermacher.
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    Samsung’s fourth-quarter operating profit estimates slashed again

    Market analysts are now predicting lower profits for Samsung in the fourth quarter of this year. Two more analysts have slashed their estimates for Samsung’s fourth-quarter operating profit as concerns about the semiconductor industry’s growth mount.
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    Huawei plans to expand further into the US market in 2018

    Huawei has confirmed the company will be expanding further into the US smartphone market in 2018, with the Huawei Mate 10 likely to be made available through US carriers. The announcement is expected to take place at CES 2018.
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    Samsung’s smartphone growth predicted to stall in 2018

    Strategy Analytics predicts Samsung’s smartphone sales are going to see the slowest growth in 2018 among the top five global smartphone vendors. Samsung’s overall market share is expected to dip below 20 percent.
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    AT&T files public response to DoJ lawsuit to save Time Warner merger

    AT&T has responded to the Department of Justice lawsuit to block a proposed merger between them and Time Warner. AT&T denies the DOJ's allegations that a combined AT&T and Time Warner would raise prices on consumers, attempt to impede competition from online video distributors, and raise prices...
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    Verizon said to be losing exclusive mobile streaming rights from the NFL

    A new deal is said to be in the works between Verizon and the NFL making it possible for customers to stream NFL games on connected TV's and tablets. However, Verizon will lose the exclusive rights to stream games on smartphones.
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    New report claims MediaTek wants to take over Qualcomm's dominance in China

    A new report claims that MediaTek is working on persuading Chinese OEM's to use its Helio lineup over Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors.
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    Samsung no longer the top smartphone vendor in the US

    Samsung has once again been overtaken by Apple in the US for smartphone shipments. Samsung was the leader in Q2 before Apple rebounded in Q3.
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    Sprint looks to Altice to improve wireless service

    After a failed merger with T-Mobile, Sprint has announced it will be partnering with Altice USA to improve its broadband network.
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    The T-Mobile and Sprint merger talks have been put to bed

    After rumors and reports that T-Mobile and Sprint were nearing a resolution to a possible merger, the two carriers confirmed that the merger talks have ceased.
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    A security researcher gained access to Google's issue-tracking system

    After a bug was found that allowed hackers to view requested features and unpatched bugs, Google found the issue and resolved it before any damage was done.
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    Samsung and iFixit team up for the 'Galaxy Upcycling' program

    Samsung and iFixit have announced the new "Galaxy Upcycling" program which allows users to recycle their old Samsung devices.
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    Xiaomi ships 10 million phones in October

    Xiaomi has announced that it has shipped 10 million phones during the month of October, after performing the same feat in September.
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    Samsung officially posts record growth in Q3 2017

    Samsung has posted its official earnings for Q3 2017, where the company had an operating profit of $13 billion and a 179% growth, year over year.