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    Niantic to host 48 real-life Ingress events around the world

    After giving us a sneak peek of its revamp called Ingress Prime late last year, the Niantic has revealed that it's hosting 48 free real-world events for the hidden-reality sci-fi game in 2018 and 2019. They'll take place around the globe, adding layers of mystery in augmented reality to cities...
  2. Android News

    Niantic announces huge Ingress update for 2018

    Ingress is getting a big update soon. Called Ingress Prime, it'll be released as an update to the existing Ingress game when it's ready for primetime. The game will still play mostly the same as the current version, but it'll come with upgraded visuals and new angle of storytelling, as well as a...
  3. Android News

    Niantic talks about Pokemon Go Ingress at MWC 2017

    Representatives from Niantic are at MWC this year and they are talking about both Pokemon Go as well as Ingress. Along with talking about future updates, we learned that Pokemon Go players have captured 88 million Pokemon, they've used 44 petabytes of mobile data, and that the company is working...
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    Pokemon GO vs Ingress poll aims to find out which is better

    Phandroid has posted a new poll comparing two games -- the new Pokemon GO, and the game that laid the foundation for it, Ingress. Two site editors present their arguments for the respective games they enjoy most, with things like strategy and a community-oriented focus being big points for...
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    The massive battery of the ASUS ZenFone Max gets tested for 3 straight hours of Ingress gameplay

    Ingress is known for chewing through battery life like crazy. To test out the ASUS ZenFone Max, Russell of Android Central wanted to compare it with the Galaxy Note 5 and BlackBerry Priv while playing Ingress. After three hours, the Priv had 24% of its battery left, the Galaxy Note 5 had 41% of...