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instant apps

  1. Android News

    Google is letting any developer create Android Instant Apps now

    We recently saw the Stack Overflow application was compatible with Google's Instant Apps feature and now it looks like the platform is available for all developers.
  2. Android News

    Stack Overflow just added support for Android's Instant Apps

    Instant Apps for Android make it really easy to jump in and get information, but not that many applications are currently supporting it. However, the Stack Overflow application just received an update that adds this feature.
  3. Android News

    How To: Opt-in and use Android Instant Apps

    A new tutorial from TechnoGeek shows you how to turn on Android Instant Apps if its rolling out to your Android device.
  4. Android News

    Google's instant apps are getting closer to prime time

    Google Play Services 10.0 is out, and despite its big version number jump there aren't a whole lot of user-facing changes. That said, an APK deconstruction reveals Google is getting closer to launching instant apps, and they're even preparing a Tap and Pay feature for Android Wear soon.