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internet of things

  1. Android News

    Senate proposes bill that requires tougher security standards for the Internet of Things

    A new bill has been proposed in the Senate that would require smart devices like cameras and thermostats to meet stricter standards in order to be used inside government buildings.
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    Tizen 4.0 aims to help make IoT products easier to create

    Samsung has introduced Tizen 4.0 which will support various devices without needing OEMs to build new projects, including IoT devices.
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    Samsung starts mass producing new Exynos-branded IoT solution

    Samsung has announced that mass production is underway for its new IoT solution, the Exynos i T200.
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    Android Things Developer Preview 3 is rolling out today

    Google has announced that the 3rd Developer Preview for Android Things is now available. This update includes support for Android Bluetooth API's, USB Host, and more.
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    What is Android Things?

    Gary from Android Authority takes a look at "Android Things" which is the new initiative from Google to expand within the world of IoT.
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    Google announces Android Things, an IoT platform

    Google today announced Android Things. Android Things is an IoT platform based on Google's work with Brillo. Android Things will let developers create platforms for their IoT products with the power of Google behind them. Android developers can use the same methods and tools they use for...
  7. Android News

    Samsung introduces 2nd-gen IoT platform

    Samsung has announced the second generation of Artik, their IoT platform. Named Artik 7, the new platform uses a custom application processor that is better equipped to handle several different communication protocols. The Artik 7 could be an all-purpose platform, whereas the previous line --...
  8. Android News

    Roost smart water detector alerts you of floods and frozen pipes

    Smart home company Roost has revealed a new water detector. The device can detect water, humidity and temperature to alert you whenever water damage is potentially hitting your home. It can alert you to a flood or even frozen pipes, so you'll know exactly what you're dealing with. The device...
  9. Android News

    Samsung announces $1.2 billion IoT investment

    Samsung has announced that they're betting bit on Internet of Things. The company will invest $1.2 billion into research and design of IoT, with the main focal point of their efforts being how IoT can help humans live better.
  10. Android News

    Hive adds new smart light bulbs to connected home line

    Hive is a company that makes connected home products. The company recently announced plans to release a new connected light bulb. The bulbs are regular florescent lights, but you can turn them on or off with an app. You can also set a schedule in case you want your lights to turn on whenever...
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    Atari is getting into smart home

    Atari, the legendary gaming company credited with helping move the industry forward, is returning to hardware, but it isn't with a new gaming console. Atari is supposedly teaming up with Sigfox to create a line of Internet of Things products, particularly in the smart home category. The company...
  12. Android News

    Zivix Jamstik+ smart guitar gets Android support

    The Zivix Jamstik+ is a smart guitar. It's a portable guitar neck that lets you create digital sound. It doesn't make noise on its own, but plugging it into a Zivix-supported app will allow you to create guitar music. It's great for quick song making or beginners. The smart guitar gets Android...
  13. Android News

    Gululu is a cute high-tech water bottle that reminds your children to drink water

    A new water bottle named Gululu has hit Kickstarter. It's a water bottle with a display for showing an animated character whose job is to remind kids that they should be drinking more water. The water bottle can sync up with an Android app that can give parents insight on their kids'...
  14. Android News

    Amazon’s new Dash Button can be configured to perform pretty much any task

    Amazon has just released a new Dash Button for $20 that allows for you to perform any task you program it to. Amazon says that the process of programming the button is easy enough to figure out that novices will be able to do it, but the capabilities extend into more advanced recipes that will...
  15. Android News

    Samsung reveals a smart Surfboard

    Samsung Brazil is teasing a new surfboard Samsung is working on. It's actually called the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard. It has a heads-up display for showing weather and sea conditions, and incoming messages.
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    Samsung's smart contact lenses patent includes an embedded camera

    Who would have guessed it? Samsung is also working on smart contact lenses. A new patent for the technology has turned up. Samsung isn't the first known to be working on the tech, but they are thinking about some interesting things such as embedding a camera into the lens, as well as a tiny...
  17. Android News

    Google releases source code for Brillo, their internet of things platform

    Google's promise to make Brillo open source is being fulfilled, as the company has recently released its source code. Brillo is one of the platforms Google is building to make the future of IoT (internet of things, connected devices) more blissful.