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  1. Android News

    Interview with OnePlus' product manager gives a deeper look at the OnePlus 5

    At the OnePlus 5 launch event in India, Gadgets360 sat down with Syzmon Kopec, Product Manager at OnePlus, to learn more about the device. Key questions asked were regarding the price, whether OnePlus is considering something like the Samsung DeX, and questions about the lack of OIS in the camera.
  2. Android News

    Here's a deeper look at the origin story for Material Design

    TechCrunch performed an interview with Rich Fulcher, the head of Material Design UX and Engineering at Google, where Fulcher describes the origin story behind the move to Material Design.
  3. Android News

    XDA interviews some team members of the Substratum Theme Engine

    The Substratum Theme Engine lets you theme certain elements of the stock UI, as well as the applications you have installed. Punya from XDA was able to sit down with a couple of members behind this application for an interview.
  4. Android News

    Interview with ZTE's CEO discusses the future of 5G as well as connected devices

    The folks at Android Authority were able to interview ZTE's CEO, Lixin Cheng, and discussed the various ventures ZTE is interested in. One of which is the new 5G network technology as ZTE invested over $300 million into the technology.
  5. Android News

    Samsung reveals how they plan their phones

    The Verge sat down with a Samsung designer to talk about how the company plans to make the phones they sell. He goes into insight about decisions regarding design, features, timing, and more. The company reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S6 wasn't waterproof because they didn't have enough time...