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ios 10

  1. Android News

    Chris Pirillo believes Android 7.1 is better than iOS 10

    Chris Pirillo recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he talks about how he feels software is really what makes hardware shine. The focus of the video though is about how he believes Android 7.1 Nougat is a better mobile software platform than iOS 10 is right now.
  2. Android News

    Editorial says iOS 10 is Apple's love letter to Android

    David of Android Police just published an editorial of what he feels Apple is trying to say in regards to iOS 10. He feels that with Apple moving to a smarter, more predictive OS and opening up Siri to developers, then it's Apple's way of saying Google's vision of smartphones was right all along.
  3. Android News

    Apple's iOS 10 borrows 13 features from Android

    Apple and Google usually go back and forth, copy features for Android and iOS from each other, but the latest iteration of iOS seems to pull quite a bit of legacy Android functionality. A total of 13 Android features have been introduced in iOS 10 at WWDC and there are likely more that haven't...