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  1. Android News

    ZTE is reportedly going to plead guilty over tech sold to Iran

    US officials recently accused ZTE of selling US technology to Iran. ZTE allegedly broke this law and now it's being reported that they will be pleading guilty. This would result in ZTE having to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties.
  2. Android News

    Iran has banned Clash of Clans, saying it encourages tribal conflict

    Iran is known for censoring the internet when they don't agree with its content, and now they've placed a ban on Clash of Clans. The government feels the game is encouraging tribal conflict and is not happy with the way it has impacted their society.
  3. Android News

    First part of Iranian national data network launched

    Iran has launched the first phase of the country's national data network, which promises speeds 60 times faster than conventional internet in the area, thanks to fiber optic lines. The full network won't be launched until March 2017, but the Iranian government says it'll help improve Iran's...
  4. Android News

    Pokémon GO banned in Iran due to 'security concerns'

    Authorities in Iran have decided to ban Pokémon GO within the country due to "security concerns."No additional information has been given at this time by the High Council of Virtual Spaces in Iran, but the government may be worried about Pokémon GO gathering in public places or getting too close...
  5. Android News

    Researchers say hackers accessed Telegram messaging accounts in Iran

    We see warnings from "security experts" that try to tell others to not use Telegram if you value your privacy and now it seems they may have been right. Some researchers claim that Iranian hackers have compromised about a dozen Telegram accounts that were owned by activists, journalists and...
  6. Android News

    The U.S. issues a subpoena to Huawei for allegedly exporting tech to Iran, North Korea, and others

    It seems Huawei might be in a little bit of trouble as the United States have issued a subpoena for possible export violations. The US Department of Commerce has demanded that Huawei hand over all information of American tech Huawei has exported to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Sudan, and Syria.