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iris scanner

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    Here's how you can get faster iris scanning on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus

    If you want to speed up the iris scanning capabilities of the Galaxy S8, you can toggle the option to use the iris unlock as soon as the screen turns on.
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    Samsung Galaxy S8 rumor claims its fingerprint sensor will be moved to the back

    Despite multiple rumors claiming that the Galaxy S8 will be equipped with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, a new rumor states that the fingerprint sensor will simply be moved to the back of the phone. The source also claims that the Galaxy S8 will feature iris scanning technology which is...
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    A new report claims the LG G6 will feature an iris scanner and won't feature modules

    The LG G5 was the company's first attempt at a modular design, but now it seems that the LG G6 will move away from that concept. A new report is stating that LG is scrapping the idea of a modular design but will include an iris scanner within its latest iteration.
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    A company has created a 2-in-1 iris scanner and camera module

    Dongwoon Anatech Co. Ltd. has manufactured a 2-in-1 iris scanner and camera module that will no longer require two separate sensors on the front of devices. This suggests that while being able to cut costs, we could see mid-range devices integrated with this feature in the future which would...
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    The Samsung Galaxy Note 7's iris scanner works in the dark

    If you've been wondering if iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will work in low-light scenarios, we've very happy to inform you that it does. The source video shows the iris scanner working just fine in a pitch black room. Just keep in mind that you do need to keep you face aligned...
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    Banks in Korea are reportedly happy to use the Galaxy Note 7′s iris scanner

    Earlier this week, we learned that Samsung would let 3rd-party developers use the new iris scanner of the Galaxy Note 7 in the company's Samsung Pass SDK. A new report out of Korea claims that Korean banks are 'hurrying' to implement this technology into their mobile applications.
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    Samsung wants to add its iris scanner to mid-range smartphones

    In an effort to combat the perceived security weaknesses of Android, DJ Koh, President of Samsung’s Mobile Division, has stated that Samsung wants to add iris scanners to its mid-range smartphones once costs are low enough. No date has been given, but it'll likely be a year or two before that...
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    Hands-on video of the Galaxy Note 7 focuses on the iris scanner

    Recombu published a hands-on video of the Galaxy Note 7 earlier today that highlights the features of the iris scanner. They walk you through the setup process as well as the unlock process (where you have to turn the display on and then swipe the screen before the iris scanner will try to...
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    The Samsung Galaxy Note 7′s iris scanner has issues with glasses, contact lenses and direct sunlight

    The iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may not be the revolutionary security technology that many have been waiting for. According to information from the iris scanner setup process, glasses, contact lenses and even direct sunlight are things which should be avoided for the iris scanner...
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    Leak shows how the Samsung Galaxy Note 7′s iris scanning will work

    A handful of photos have leaked, showing how the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's iris scanning feature will work. Users will need to hold the phone 25-35 centimeters away from their face and align the phone so that their eyes are positioned with two circles which display on the phone's screen.
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    Samsung files for multi-lens iris recognition system patent

    Samsung is expected to include an iris recognition camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but the company has just filed a patent for a three lens system which would scan a user's iris and their face at the same time. The system described in the patent will likely not be used in the Note 7, but...