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  1. Android News

    ISIS is worried that modified versions of their apps are being used to spy on them

    ISIS has been developing Android applications since November of 2015, but lately they've suspected that modified versions of their apps are being used to spy on them. The terrorist organization sent out a notice telling members that "dubious sources published a fake version of the Amaq Agency...
  2. Android News

    Google will reportedly show anti-ISIS ads to potential extremists

    The Guardian is reporting a pilot program revealed by Google that will let NGOs place counter-radicalization ads for searches of their choosing.
  3. E

    ISIS are using their "jihotties" to recruit brides for ISIS fighters

    If you've ever had the desire to go and marry an ISIS fighter, whelp, there's a way for you to do that now. As strange as it may sound, ISIS are using masculine men, dubbed "jihotties", to show off how brave they are for fighting and using them to recruit brides for other ISIS fighters. Women...
  4. Android News

    ISIS made their own encrypted messaging app for Android

    Everyone's shutting ISIS out, so what's the next logical step? For them to create their own Android app. The group supposedly uses it to communicate ISIS news, happenings and propaganda with their followers, but we imagine they'd use it for far less savory things. The app is protected by...
  5. Android News

    Telegram Blocks 78 "ISIS-Related Channels" in Wake of Paris Attack

    Telegram is a messaging service for Android and iOS that lets users enable end-to-end encryption to hide what is being said between people. This feature doesn't work on public channels though(which is basically like a public chat room). The developers learned that ISIS followers were using...