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  1. Android News

    JetBlue announces their Fly-Fi broadband is now free on all flights

    JetBlue offers an internet service called Fly-Fi broadband that offers up to 20Mbps speeds to their customers. The airline has now made this available for free for every single seat in the plane.
  2. Android News

    JetBlue announces plans to build a new in-flight entertainment system on Android

    JetBlue has just announced plans to convert 130 A320 airplanes to a new in-flight entertainment system. The software will be built on top of Android and it will have streaming TV, 12-20 Mbps "Fly-Fi" and more with a completion date targeted at 2019
  3. Android News

    JetBlue flights are now showing Amazon Prime Video and Music in-flight

    Amazon and JetBlue's partnership to allow Prime members to easily watch movies or listen to music in-flight has gone live. Customers will get an easy-to-use portal where they can sign in during the flight and enjoy their favorite Amazon content thanks to the addition of in-flight internet.