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  1. Android News

    Tasker has been acquired by joaomgcd, maker of Join and AutoApps

    Crafty Apps EU has now transferred ownership of the application to joaomgcd, a major Android developer known for Join and AutoApps.
  2. Android News

    joaomgcd launches AutoTools, a new Tasker plugin, in the Play Store

    joaomgcd is known for his Tasker plugins and the man has just released a new one called AutoTools. The app adds a massive amount of missing Tasker features directly to the app. Letting you automate things in your phone that were not possible before.
  3. Android News

    Latest update to AutoShare can process text and send it back via Tasker

    joaomgcd is known for his Tasker plugin apps, and he has just released an update to AutoShare. The app can now process text and then send it back to the app. For example, you could write in one language, send it to Tasker via AutoShare so it can be translated into another language and then sent...
  4. Android News

    Joaomgcd's AutoArduino Tasker plugin is now out of beta

    Joaomgcd is a developer that's known for his Tasker plugins and after 3 weeks of beta testing, his AutoArduino application is finally available to everyone. The plugin lets you use Tasker to control your Arduino over USB, Bluetooth or your own local network.