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john legere

  1. Android News

    T-mobile announces the John Legere LG G6 Social Media Sweepstakes

    To celebrate LG G6 pre-order day, John Legere of T-Mobile has announced a sweepstakes that will result in 6 different people being sent a free device.
  2. O

    T-Mobile CEO John Legere joins The Pope as the only people with their own hashtag emoji

    Twitter has given John Legere his very own Twitter hashtag Emoji. You'll see a picture of the T-Mobile CEO every time you use #AskJohn. John Legere is only the 2nd person to ever receive their own hashtag emoji, with The Pope being the other. That's not bad company to be in. Companies usually...
  3. Android News

    John Legere Writes an Open Letter About Binge On

    John Legere has just published an open letter to T-Mobile customers and consumers everywhere to explain what Binge On is and how it works. John issues an apology to the EFF for the comments he made on Twitter, however, he still doesn't talk about how both YouTube and the EFF claim that T-Mobile...
  4. Android News

    T-Mobile's John Legere got the internet worked up over EFF comments

    John Legere is not stranger to controversy, and his latest comments aimed at the EFF have ruffled more than a few feathers. In a Q&A, Legere asked "Who the f*** are you?" when posed a question by the EFF. The internet has been than happy to answer.