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  1. O

    Edit kernel built-in modules with magiskboot: is it possible?

    Hello! Nice to be here! If someone have expierence with editing android kernel built-in modules with magiskboot? It is a great tool. I could unpack ramdisk, but still can`t understand how to unpack kernel folder and edit built-in modules? Is it possible? If no, please, tell me what is the best...
  2. kylabeardad

    Busybox....HELP PLEASE! What/why/how is it installed on my device without my knowledge or permission

    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 ultra 5g through my phone provider 2 years ago. I recently downloaded the app 'Root Checker Pro' to check for security reasons. While the app's root verification process produced negative results. However, the app's secondary verification process produced a...
  3. N

    AndroidX86: Kernel compilation error: [Makefile:1050: sound] Error 2

    I have been trying to recompile PrimeOS' kernel from https://github.com/primebook/android_kernel_common. I just have to replace a .c file within drivers/platform/x86. Here's what I did:- Replaced .c make clean && make mrproper Copied arch//configs/android-x86_deconfig to linux source root...
  4. Android News

    Motorola releases Oreo kernel source code for Moto X4

    A developer requested the kernel source code for the Moto X4 (codenamed 'payton') about two weeks ago in Motorola's GitHub, and it's finally been granted.
  5. Android News

    This OnePlus 3 kernel tweak promises 7-8 hours of screen-on time

    A new kernel profile for the OnePlus 3 suggests that you will be able to get 7 to 8 hours of screen-on time. In order to achieve this, you'll need to root your OnePlus 3 and install the "EX Kernel Manager" application.
  6. G

    Help sent lg g4 in for repaire now it has android 6.0 i want to revert back to 5.1

    ok sent my lg g4 in for repair, works now.... but i want to revert back to 5.1, they installed 6.0 and it is no good causes issues. i have a t mobile lg g4; will i be able to do it and still get the firmware update that came with 5.1 for the touch screen issues?
  7. Android News

    HTC is uploading the kernel source code for the HTC 10

    As part of the GPL, it's required that Android OEMs published the kernel source code for any device they release that uses Android. We rarely see these published before the devices are released though. So now that the HTC 10 has been for sale for a while, the company has finally started to...
  8. Android News

    Samsung release kernel source for Exynos-based Galaxy S7 Edge

    Samsung seems to be getting better about getting their kernel source code out. The company has already released the Galaxy S7 Edge's kernel source, with the device's full availability only lasting less than a day so far. It's safe to assume the regular Galaxy S7 will eventually have its kernel...
  9. Android News

    Google Opted for the Open Source Nouveau Kernel Drivers for the Pixel C Instead of NVIDIA's

    Google's Pixel C tablet uses an SoC from NVIDIA called the Tegra X1, but instead of using the kernel drivers supplied by NVIDIA, they choose to use the open source alternative called Nouveau.