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larry page

  1. Android News

    Larry Page is funding two companies that plan to build flying cars

    If you were Larry Page, what would you be spending your extra cash on? While most of us would buy a few extra cars or a house on the beach, Larry Page has decided to invest his personal money into two separate companies that are working to develop flying cars. It's no clear if Page is planning...
  2. Android News

    Alphabet CEO Larry Page is the latest to take the stand in the Oracle vs Google case

    The Oracle and Google lawsuit is still going on even though Google is hosting their own developer conference right now. The latest person to take the stand is Alphabet CEO Larry Page. Larry says they never considered licensing Java APIs because they were "free and open."
  3. Android News

    Larry and Sergey’s Founders' Letter for 2016

    Larry Page and Sergey Brin write up a Founders' letter each year for the company's stockholders. This year they decided to do something a bit different. The letter talks about how Google was founded, their goal of bringing knowledge to everyone, how they've been improving their machine learning...