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lastpass authenticator

  1. Android News

    LastPass responds to Authenticator security flaw

    LastPass has released a new blog post addressing security concerns that were highlighted in the company's Authenticator app that could put your account at risk.
  2. Android News

    Latest LastPass Authenticator update lets you back up your two-factor data online

    LastPass just rolled out a new update to their authenticator that comes with one big feature. Assuming you are logged into the regular LastPass application, you can back up all your data from LastPass Authenticator to your LastPass account.
  3. Android News

    Lastpass Authenticator adds one-tap 2-factor authentication

    Lastpass has made a major upgrade to Lastpass Authenticator. The app -- which makes it easy to use 2-factor authentication with a variety of popular services -- can now deliver authentication requests in the form of a one-tap approval instead of the typical need to input 6 digits.
  4. Android News

    LastPass announces two-factor authentication app

    LastPass has launched a new app to make your LastPass account even more secure. It lets you set up two-factor authentication in case you want increased security. The reason it's a separate app is because LastPass is compatible with third-party apps and services which support the TOTP protocol.