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    LeEco's US websites have gone offline, Chinese version still up

    LeEco's US websites have gone offline, though the Chinese version still remains up. The Chinese company is struggling with bankruptcy proceedings after expanding too much, too fast.
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    LeEco's website is now unavailable in the US or China

    LeEco has been on a downward spiral for the last year, and now the company's online storefront is unavailable to customers in the US or China. The website now shows an error message about an "Unknown Host".
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    Founder of LeEco refuses to return to China

    LeEco's founder has refused an order to return to China to answer for his company's growing debt troubles. Instead, he will send his brother in his stead while he stays in the US to continue working with Faraday Future, a company working on autonomous cars.
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    LeEco founder ordered to return to China to answer debts

    LeEco's founder, Jia Yueting, has been ordered to return to China by the country's Securities Regulatory Commission by the end of the month in order to face the company's incredible debts. It appears he's currently in the US.
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    Chinese government blacklists LeEco as an irresponsible company

    The Chinese government has placed LeEco on a list of companies who are fiscally irresponsible. The classification seemingly revokes their credit ratings and places restrictions on spending, and would also likely prevent LeEco from receiving government grants, loans, or other types of funding.
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    Vizio files $100 million lawsuit against LeEco

    Vizio has filed a $100 million buyout lawsuit against LeEco after the deal between the two companies fell apart.
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    LeEco's assets frozen by Chinese court as debts mount

    A new report says a Shanghai court has frozen $180 million in assets owned by LeEco co-founder Jia Yueting and his wife. The order was carried out on behalf of China Merchants Bank due to missed interest payments by LeEco's mobile division.
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    Jia Yueting of LeEco confirms the cash issue they've been having is worse than they expected

    LeEco has been having a cash issue that got so big they ended up borrowing $2.2 billion from a Chinese holdings company called Sunac. So far, they've spent most of that money repaying debts accrued during their latest expansion and says it still hasn't been enough to support funding.
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    DEAL: Get the LeEco Le S3 from Amazon for just $140

    Amazon is currently offering the LeEco Le S3 for just $140, which is down 30% from its retail price of $200.
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    LeEco Le Max 3 leaks in a set of live pictures

    New photos of the LeEco Le Max 3 have been leaked online, showing the phone resembles the Le Max 2 that debuted last year. The front panel is rumored to be 5.7" and will feature a dual camera and fingerprint sensor on the back.
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    DEAL: Get the LeEco Le Pro 3 for $250 from Best Buy

    Best Buy is offering a discount on the LeEco Le Pro 3, bringing the price down to $250, from its MSRP of $350.
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    LeEco will lay off over 85% of its US workforce

    After its executive reshuffle, it looks like LeEco will be laying off over 85% of its US workforce. The company employs about 500 people in the US and sources say that only about 60 people will be left after the restructuring.
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    LeEco CEO steps down but stays in charge

    A new report says LeEco CEO Jia Yueting is stepping down from his role as the CEO of his fast-growing company. Instead, he'll be devoting his time to strategic planning for the company, which has expanded too aggressively in recent years leading to cash flow problems.
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    DEAL: Save $30 on the LeEco Le S3 and get the device for $170

    Amazon currently has discounted the LeEco Le S3 by $30, bringing the price down to just $169.99 with free Prime shipping.
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    LeEco Android TVs Updated With DIRECTV NOW App

    LeEco TVs have been updated to bring the DirecTV Now app to the interface.
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    Amid financial issues, LeEco is killing off thier EcoPass subscription service

    EcoPass was said to be LeEco's video subscription service but these plans have come to an end. Instead, LeEco is replacing this with DirecTV Now thanks to a partnership deal with AT&T.
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    LeEco rumored to lay off more than a third of its US workforce

    LeEco has been having money troubles and a new rumor suggests the company is downsizing in a big way. The company has sold off its 49 acre property in Silicon Valley and backed out of its acquisition of Vizio.
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    LeEco an AI Edition of the Le Pro 3 that has two rear cameras

    LeEco may be struggling in the financial department lately, but the company just announced a new version of their Le Pro 3 flagship. The device will be made available in China on April 14th in gold, rose gold, and black in both 'standard' and 'eco' versions.
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    LeEco completely backs out of their acquisition of Vizio

    LeEco's financial issues continue as the company has just officially announced they have backed out to the $2 billion acquisition of Vizio.
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    The LeEco Le Max 3 will be unveiled on April 11th

    LeEco is scheduled to unveil the Le Max 3 on April 11th after the company started sending out press invitations. The device is expected to feature a new AI personal assistant, following in the footsteps of the likes of Samsung and Google.
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    LeEco’s acquisition of Vizio is reportedly stalled due to tighter currency restrictions

    LeEco still hasn't been able to bounce back from their financial issues and a new report talks about how they're putting a delay on paying their US employees. Not only that, but the deal to acquire Vizio is also being held up because of tighter currency restrictions inside China and LeEco’s...
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    LeEco Le X850 leaks again

    The LeEco Le X850 has leaked in a series of new photos. Beyond getting our first look at the device itself, we also learn that its final name will be LeEco Le Max 3.
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    New benchmark entry could give us an idea for what hardware to expect from the next LeEco device

    There's a new Geekbench database entry that claims to be of an upcoming LeEco smartphone. If true, we should expect one of their new devices to ship with MediaTek's Helio X20 SoC, 3GB of RAM, and Android 7.1.2.
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    LeEco is reportedly forced to sell their Silicon Valley property due to recent financial issues

    LeEco expanded their company very quickly and ended up having to cut back due to a lack of cash. Now, it's being reported that LeEco will be forced to sell their 49-acre U.S. Silicon Valley property less than a year after buying it from Yahoo.
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    Leaked photos claim to show the next LeEco flagship smartphone

    There's a couple of heavily watermarked photos that are circulating that claim to be of the upcoming LeEco flagship. If true, we could see the company introduce a new phone with a curved bezels like the Galaxy S7 Edge.