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lenovo moto z play

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    DEAL: get a refurbished Moto Z Play for $204

    Want to see what all modular smartphone excitement is all about? You can not get yourself a refurbished Moto Z Play from Best Buy for $204. Buying a new phone is always more exciting, but the money you save by going with a refurbished device will allow you to spend some extra cash on a new...
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    The US unlocked Moto Z Play finally receives its Nougat update

    The unlocked Moto Z Play in the US is finally getting a taste of Android Nougat. Lenovo has already released the Nougat update to a variety of service-provider branded versions of the phone across the globe.
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    Lenovo released Nougat update for the Moto Z Play in India and Brazil

    Android Nougat for Lenovo's Moto Z Play is currently rolling out to devices in India and Brazil. In addition to the usual Android 7.0 features, the update also includes a "Moto Mods support update."
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    Germany's Moto Z Play won't be getting Android Nougat until March

    Despite earlier promises that the Moto Z Play's Android Nougat update in Germany would be making its way to devices in late January, Lenovo has now announced that the update has been delayed and will not be available until March.
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    Android Nougat reaches Moto Z Play testers

    Moto Z Play owners in the Motorola Feedback Network program are reporting that Motorola has started early preview testing for the Android 7.0 Nougat update. This would seem to indicate that Motorola's original plans to get the update out by March will hold up nicely.
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    Nougat for Moto Z Play might be right around the corner

    Motorola confirmed the Moto Z Play would get Nougat at some point, and now it may not be long before it arrives. A Moto Z Play device has shown up at the WIFi Certification and it's listed with Android Nougat. We're not sure when to expect the update to arrive, but it should be here at some...
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    Watch Lenovo’s Moto Z and Moto Mod launch event for India

    It has been a few months since the Moto Z made its debut in the US, but the modular phone is now making its way to India. The launch event is streaming right now, so stay tuned for more details.
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    Photos of Lenovo's Moto Z Play give us our first look at the phone's design

    If you've seen the Lenovo Moto Z, you'll likley be able to pick the Moto Z Play out of a lineup. The device appears to have the same basic design, but the phone's body appears to be slightly thicker and the back of the phone may be covered in glass instead of metal.
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    More Moto Z phones and mods could be on the way

    Lenovo will supposedly have another device to add to the Moto Z family. It's supposed to be called Moto Z Play and will be a more affordable model with a Snapdragon 600-series chipset. We also hear of upcoming Moto mods, including a Pro Camera mod and an Adventure Mod.
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    Moto Z specs allegedly leak hours ahead of announcement.

    Specs for the Moto Z family -- including the Moto Z Style, Z Play, and Z Force -- have leaked. The devices are expected to be announced today at Lenovo's Tech World event in San Francisco.