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lenovo thinkpad tablet

  1. B

    application icons missing after ICS upgrade

    Lenovo ThinkPad tablet updated to ICS and some application icons have disappeared or never appeared. For example, FaceService application is listed but no icon appears anywhere and so unable to use applicaton. Tried to reload it thru the Store but not there either....Any ideas?
  2. D-U-R-X

    ThinkPad Tablet FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. 1. Forum related questions. 2. Where is the Play Store app? 3. How can I improve...
  3. D-U-R-X

    Root ThinkPad Tablet: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if...
  4. puppeteer

    ICS for TPT delayed from scheduled 6/8 release

    Apparently there are a few issues that they're looking to patch from the previous releases to japan and europe. BSNF, a lenovo staffer on the Lenovo community forums has said new details will be posted soon.
  5. M

    Help reading pdf files

    I have recently got a new Think pad Tablet (3.1) and loaded a couple of gig of brochures and manuals all in PDF. For some reason some files are very slow to open and page through. It is an intermittent problem. Am using the pre loaded Docs To Go. The original pre loaded e-book reader kept on...
  6. puppeteer

    ICS 4.0 (don't kill the messenger)

    I'd look for the update 1st week of June. It's still in testing and they're about a week back from their "end of May" target, according to some very knowledgeable Lenovo folks here this week. Another Android ThinkPad tablet is also not too likely.. they're still deciding, according to what I...
  7. puppeteer

    For those interested in the most current ICS 4.0 OTA information...

    Here's the link to the Lenovo TPT forum thread... OTA3 update (ICS 4.03) - Lenovo Community
  8. M

    Has anyone tried ICS yet?

    Presently the digitizer on the TPT works via custom software. ICS is supposed to include native support for digitizetrs so I can see where replacing the software from Lenovo's to Google's version ( no aspersion mean, but it is a change of software ) can cause problems with the pen. Has...
  9. M

    Thinkpad construction quality.

    In a couple of months I plan on getting a tablet. I am looking for one with a digitizer and ATM the TPT is the only under $1000 tablet available. ( Big emphasis ATM ), I also heard that early versions had a lot of harware problems. Buttons and ports that stopped working. Were these just...
  10. L

    Broke Screen

    Have a brand new TPT. A couple of days someone broke the screen. Still functions, but there is a huge crack in the middle of everything. Sent the tablet back to Lenovo to get it fixed under warranty, but they called today and said they could replace the screen for only $750, when only paid less...
  11. E

    Thinkpad Ghosts and Remove It

    Just got the Thinkpad 1838. Love it. On the apps page there are the ghost outlines on either side. I cannot find out what they are. Secondly, when I touch an app to delete from the page, the 'remove' it button will work only some of the time. Ideas/Explanations? Thanks
  12. twospirits

    Root Root Process for the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet

    After much waiting, the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet has finally been rooted. The exploit was discovered by Dan Rosenberg officially known throughout the development community and twitter handle as djrbliss. The full root process can be found on his blog here. Additional info can be found here...
  13. twospirits

    Keyboard Folio modification 2 - USB port-hub addon

    As mentioned in my Keyboard Folio modification 1 - Keyboard Pads thread, when the Thinkpad tablet is inserted into the Keyboard Folio, one loses the use of the full size USB port. While the placement of the USB connector is in a way a smart one since it helps in holding the tablet in...
  14. twospirits

    Keyboard Folio modification 1 - Keyboard Pads

    As mention in my Keyboard Folio review, the Keyboard Folio is so flexible due to its open (on the side) design, that the plastic flap that holds the tablet in place can either be resting on the keyboards touch/mouse buttons or fall totally off the keyboard itself. This can possibly cause the...
  15. twospirits

    My Review of the Lenovo Keyboard Folio

    I posted this over in the ThinkpadTablet Forums and noticed that I never posted it here as well, Therefore, I'll redo it here and add a few more observations... Since getting the Lenovo Thinkpad tablet I have been using it everyday and I am loving it. It does have its quirks, and like most...
  16. P

    Help Any way to block access to "settings"

    Hello! Our company is starting to use tablets in the work environment. They have purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet model#1838. I have been asked to disable all the wireless, bluetooth, microphone and camera devices. This much I have figured out by using the XML file. Now there is no way...
  17. twospirits

    Thinkpad review that forces on workflow

    Very good review that concentrates on the workflow/use of the Thinkpad rather than speed tests etc. Check it out. Gadgeteer Thinkpad Review by Ian Lim TS out
  18. twospirits

    Pretty impressive tests - comparing the Thinkpad against other tablets

    As the title states, pretty impressive that it one of the top 3 overall when compared to other tablets. Source: laptopmag.com Linpack test: Used to measure the system's floating point computing power. Laptop Battery test: Used to measure how long the battery lasts. Nbench tests...
  19. S

    what is your video experience?

    what is your experience in watching video from SD card and Internal memory? Is there a better player than the stock one?
  20. Y

    Root You want root?

    So, if we want a way to root this device, the people at XDA are helpful and magical enough to do it as long as we get a thread there, first...Forrrrtunatelly, we can vote it in via: [Requests] Ask for new forums here - xda-developers And getting votes=getting a root for TPT :)
  21. J

    $20 Fujistsu Stylus with Thinkpad Tablet

    I just wanted to share a tip I ran across while setting up a thinkpad tablet to demo. N-Trig styluses all seem to be cross compatible, meaning you can use a pen from a Fujitsu Q550 or HTC Flyer etc with the Thinkpad tablet. I bought a Fujitsu stylus with mine because it was < $25 shipped, and...
  22. I

    ThinkPad Tablet Mini Review

    I am on the pilot team for the ThinkPad Tablet with my company. Since no one has posted here yet on it I thought I would start it off with a mini review. Two weeks ago I was given a 32GB version with the stylus and keyboard folio. Things I liked.... Build quality It is tough. I mean...
  23. S

    Announcing: Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet

    MODS: Lenovo Thnkpad. This is not the same device as the other Lenovo devices that already have forums here (IdeaPad A1, Ideapad K1 and LePad). This is a 10.1" tablet running Android 3.1. The specs are: Wifi or Wifi +3G 1280x800 screen Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor Gorilla...