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lg friends

  1. Android News

    LG G5's "Friends" are now available on LG's website

    LG has made the LG G5's "friends" available on their online store. This includes the LG 360 Cam LG 360 VR, LG Cam Plus, and the LG Tone Platinum headphones. This is notable because it means you no longer have to rely on retail stock at your local carriers to buy one of these.
  2. Android News

    LG Friends review says they appreciate LG's out-of-the-box thinking

    GSM Arena just published their review of the LG Friends collection and they thank LG for trying something different and spicing things up in the smartphone market. The LG 360 Cam made them very optimistic about the whole modular design, but then said it was all downhill from there. At the end...
  3. Android News

    LG Friends store is now live

    LG mentioned they'd be setting up an online marketplace for their LG Friends, such as modules and acessories. That store is now live with things like the LG Cam Plus, the HiFi DAC module, LG 360 VR headset and the LG 360 Cam.
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    LG invites developers to think up creative ideas for G5 modules

    LG is now inviting various developers to come up with awesome module ideas for the LG G5. LG has launched a full marketplace for developers to take advantage of the new SDK and HDK. These new platforms will launch on April 18th, and will allow developers to jump in on all the fun that LG...
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    How to set up and use the LG 360 Cam

    LG has just published a short video which shows how easy it is to pair and use the LG 360 cam with your smartphone. With the LG Friends Manager app, connecting the 360 Cam to your LG G5 is as easy as turning the camera on, opening the pap and selecting the camera for the setup list. No need to...