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lg pay

  1. Android News

    LG is launching its mobile payment system in the US this year

    A new report from South Korea says LG plans to launch its mobile payment system, LG Pay, in the United States by June of 2018.
  2. Android News

    Non-functional LG Wallet/Pay app arrives on Google Play

    A new app from LG has been released on the Google Play Store. It's a mobile payments application, but confusingly, it carriers not one, but two monikers: LG Wallet and LG Pay. The app is not yet functional.
  3. Android News

    LG Pay to debut on company's mid-range phones with K10 (2018)

    It was back in July this year when LG confirmed that it will allow its mobile payment system - LG Pay - to work with the company's mid-range devices. Now, a recent report from South Korea has confirmed that the LG K10 (2018) will be the first mid-range device to feature LG Pay.
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    LG Pay is coming to low-end smartphones

    According to a new report, LG Pay is set to come to low-end smartphones first, before seeing a global rollout next year. For now, the service is limited to South Korea.
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    LG Pay launches in South Korea

    LG Pay has finally been launched. The service will first be available in South Korea, the company's home country. LG is said to be using technology similar to MST, so users can pay for goods at almost any credit card terminal using their smartphone.
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    LG Pay is finally launching, but only in Korea

    LG has confirmed that LG Pay will launch on the LG G6 this June, but will be limited to just devices in Korea. There is no mention of whether it will be expanding to more countries.
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    LG may be looking to announce 4 new smartwatches and a Samsung Pay competitor

    According to patents filed in the EU, LG may be preparing to announce up to 4 different smartwatches. The patents also show that LG will be bringing its new LG Pay features to smartwatches.
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    LG might use MST for their mobile payments, too

    LG's payment solution wasn't the most elegant out there, with the company making use of physical white cards to act as a happy medium between convenience and security. Well, that may change with the LG G6. A new report out of Korea suggests LG is looking to use MST technology for mobile...
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    LG pushes back the launch of LG Pay into 2017

    LG had been planning to debut its LG Pay service with the retail launch of the LG V20 at the end of September, but the company has decided to postpone the launch of the payment system due to errors during testing. LG Pay was originally announced back in 2015. At the time, the company claimed...
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    LG Pay’s White Card will reportedly have both an integrated circuit chip and magnetic stripe

    A new report out of Korea has revealed some alleged details of the physical credit card that will work with LG Pay. Dubbed the White Card, it's being reported that it will feature both an integrated circuit chip and magnetic stripe. This is what we generally see on modern credit cards today...
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    LG says LG Pay won't launch until Q2 2016

    It had been speculated that LG was preparing to launch their mobile payment service at MWC alongside the LG G5. However, it's currently being reported that an LG official is saying LG Pay won't appear until Q2 of this year. They're doing this so the LG G5 can get all of the spotlight at MWC.