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lg x cam

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    LG launches the mid-range X Cam in India for just $299

    LG has released its latest mid-range device, the X Cam, in India for just $299. The device features a dual-camera module on the rear of the device, with a 13MP wide-angle lens and a 5MP ultra wide angle lens to capture 120-degree field of view. The X Cam also include a 5.2-inch display, MediaTek...
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    LG X Cam is now available in the UAE

    Those in the UAE can now buy the LG X Cam. It's available for the equivalent of about $290.
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    LG's X series will be themed after X-Men characters in Europe and North America

    LG is doing something really cool for their LG X phones. They're themeing the phones after X-Men characters, including Professor X, Mystique, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Beast, and Quicksilver.
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    LG X cam and X screen begin global roll out this week

    LG has announced that they are now issuing LG X cam and X screen globally. These affordable phones give buyers a phone that does one thing really good while not breaking the bank.
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    LG X Screen and LG X Cam hands-on roundup

    LG recently introduced a new line of smartphones, the X series, which hopes to highlight certain flagship features in a mid-range device. Pocketnow went hands on with both the LG X Screen and the LG X Cam and gives us a look at the secondary screen of the X Screen and the camera quality of the...
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    LG X cam may feature the G5’s dual-camera lenses

    According to @evleaks, the LG X Cam will sport the same wide angle dual sensor camera setup as the unannounced LG G5. LG has not mentioned this feature for the phone yet, but it's highly likely that it will be included.
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    LG X max, X speed, X style, and X power all said to be in the works

    The LG X Cam and X Screen aren't the only specialist phones on the way this year, or so says @evleaks. The company is also planning to bing out the X max, X speed, X style and X power. The X line of devices are said to focus on one key aspect, so you can assume the X speed will have a beefy...
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    LG introduces X series of phones designed to reboot its mid-range lineup

    Mobile World Congress 2016 will be starting on February 22nd in Barcelona Spain, but that isn't stopping some companies from getting ahead of the curve. LG has just introduced two new devices that will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress. The X cam and X screen are designed to reboot LG's...