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link bubble

  1. Android News

    Link Bubble has been removed from the Play Store in favor of Brave browser

    After being replaced by Brave Browser last year, It has been announced that Link Bubble will be removed from the Play Store. However, the app will remain open-source, leaving the door open to other developers improving the application.
  2. Android News

    Brave Browser renamed to Link Bubble again

    When Chris Lacy sold Link Bubble its owners decided to change the name to Brave Browser as they added to the concept. Well, they've somewhat reverted that change and are now readopting the Link Bubble name. The browser with Link Bubble integration remains the same, though there's another Brave...
  3. Android News

    Brave Browser/Link Bubble is updated to v1.9.0, receives ad blocker, tracker blocking and more

    The new developers of the popular mobile browser Link Bubble(now known as Brave Browser) has just updated their application in the Play Store. The update brings the app to version 1.9.0 and comes with the following changes. . . - IMPROVEMENT: Rebranded to Brave. - IMPROVEMENT: Turned on...
  4. Android News

    Link bubble update brings ad blocking support

    Link Bubble is a popular Android App that loads tapped links in the background, waiting to launch them until the page is fully loaded. An update to the app doubles down on user experience by also adding ad blocking support. The update also includes protection from tracking. Both options need to...
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    Brave Software open sources the Link Bubble browser

    A little while ago, Chris Lacy(developer of Action Launcher) announced that he had sold his Link Bubble browser to a 3rd party company. At that time it wasn't revealed who acquired it but now it seems we know who it is. Brave Software has just published source code to Link Bubble on their...