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  1. Android News

    Facebook is testing a new resume feature

    In an effort to stamp out more competition, Facebook has begun testing a LinkedIn like resume feature.
  2. Android News

    You can now record and share videos via LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is adding a video creation tool to its app. Give it an update, and you might see it within the status box. Tap the little movie icon and you'll be able to record and share a clip, up to 10 minutes in length.
  3. Android News

    LinkedIn launches Linked Lite app in India

    LinkedIn has announced the launch of LinkedIn Lite app, a faster and lighter version of its flagship Android app. While the LinkedIn Lite app is first being rolled out to members in India, the company plans to roll out the mobile web version and the new Android app in over 60 countries shortly.
  4. Android News

    LinkedIn is being removed from app stores in Russia

    Due to being in violation of a law passed in 2014, LinkedIn is being pulled from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The law states that all data collected on Russian citizens must be stored with Russian borders.
  5. Android News

    Facebook may look to compete against LinkedIn as they are experimenting with a new Jobs tab

    If you regularly look at business' pages on Facebook, then you may start to see a new Jobs tab that is currently in testing. This will act as a landing page for businesses to advertise what roles they want to fill, and it will be accompanied by an Apply Now button for those who want to show...
  6. Android News

    Google and LinkedIn swap real estate in latest trade

    Google and LinkedIn have come to terms on a deal for real estate. Google will take control of the land near Google's offices that LinkedIn controls in Mountain View, while LinkedIn will get a plot of land Google owns just outside the area.
  7. Android News

    Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26 billion

    It was revealed today that Microsoft has put in a bad to buy LinkedIn for $26 billion. The social networking site LinkedIn is aimed at professionals who want to connect with peers and colleagues in their industry. Microsoft will reportedly integrate LinkedIn in many of their communication and...
  8. Android News

    LinkedIn releases LinekedIn Students app to get students started on the right path, early

    LinkedIn Students isn't quite the same trophy wall-slash-job hunting tool that LinkedIn proper has become, if only because the process is so different for graduates and near-graduates. The app will also show students profiles of recent grads, see which companies have a preference for hiring new...
  9. Android News

    LinkedIn for Android gets massive reorganization in latest update

    LinkedIn has long been one of the most convoluted apps to use on Android, but a new update finally aims to clean all of that up. Following a big design overhaul, LinkedIn is finally adding new categories and making things easier to find. The changes boil down to 5 new tabs. Here's what's...
  10. Android News

    LinkedIn steps out of the dark ages and brings Material Design in latest update

    LinkedIn for Android was mostly holo design to this point, but the company has stepped out of the dark ages and brought Material Design in their latest update.