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live photos

  1. Android News

    Motion Stills is a new iOS-only app from Google that turns Live Photos into GIFs and movies

    There's always a collective "that's not fair attitude" when we see Google release an app, or even an app update, that is only for iOS. Today, the company has announced a new app called Motion Stills, that will take Live Photos from iPhones, and turn them into stabilized GIFs and movies.
  2. Android News

    Samsung Rumored to Launch a Feature with the S7 to Compete Against Live Photos

    A rumor claims that Samsung will launch a new feature with the Galaxy S7 dubbed Vivid Photos(or Timeless Photos). This feature is said to be similar to Apple's Live Photos where someone can take a single picture and the phone will take a burst of photos and string them together like a GIF or video.