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  1. Android News

    Lyft strikes deal with Baltimore to make bike sharing stops Lyft pick-ups

    The city of Baltimore and Lyft have struck a deal to roll out a new initiative that would turn five bike sharing stops into official Lyft drop-off and pick-up points around the city.
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    Lyft teams up with Circulation to offer non-emergency medical transportation

    Lyft has announced an expanded partnership with Circulation to offer non-emergency medical transportation to Circulation users.
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    Lyft raises $1 billion in funding round led by Google’s venture arm

    Alphabet-owned CapitalG led a funding round that was responsible for giving Lyft a $1 billion cash infusion, a move which raises Lyft's valuation to $11 billion. A CapitalG partner will also sit on Lyft's board of directors.
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    Lyft switches to Google Maps for navigation

    Lyft announced on its blog that it will switch the navigation in its app to Google Maps. Users can opt out and continue to use Waze if they prefer.
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    Google may invest in Lyft

    Google is reportedly mulling over a $1 billion investment in ridesharing service Lyft. This comes after Alphabet's self-driving car company Waymo announced a partnership with Lyft for self-driving taxiing.
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    Lyft expands to 32 more states

    Lyft just announced a major expansion of its services. As of today, Lyft will be fully operational in 32 additional states, bringing its total coverage to 40 states and 94 percent of the US population.
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    Lyft teams up with Amtrak to offer rides when your train arrives

    Lyft and Amtrak have announced a partnership between the two companies that will allow you to request a Lyft ride right after your train arrives at its station.
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    Lyft is growing faster than Uber, but there's a long way to go

    While Uber is still the more popular ride sharing servive, Lyft's annual quarterly report shows that the company is catching up to Uber in revenue.
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    Lyft's Taco Bell mode indulges your late-night cravings

    Taco Mode is an in-app option for Lyft riders, providing passengers with the ultimate Taco Bell experience — including a free Doritos Locos Taco when you ride-thru Taco Bell on the way to your next destination. Taco Mode will be available — first as a limited release— in Orange County...
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    Lyft now supports 7 new expense management services

    Lyft has announced integrations with 7 different expense management partners including Concur, Expensify, Chrome River, and Certify.
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    Lyft is serving over one million rides per day

    Lyft has announced the company is now serving over one million rides per day. The company has grown 100% year-over-year and now offers service in 360 communities across the United States, or 80% of the population.
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    New Lyft app update will offer pickup suggestions

    Lyft has just announced a new application update that will make it quicker and easier to select where you want a driver to pick you up. This is a feature that Uber has had for a couple of years now, but will now be made available for Lyft customers.
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    Lyft teams up with Jaguar to test autonomous cars

    Jaguar is one of several companies that invested in ride-sharing program Lyft and it looks like that's paying off, as Lyft will help Jaguar test autonomous vehicles.
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    Lyft and nuTonomy aim to improve self-driving car comfort

    There's a lot of clamor about self-driving cars, but not much about the experience as a passenger in one. That's why Lyft is teaming up with nuTonomy to make sure passengers are comfortable and understand how self-driving cars will work.
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    Latest Lyft update lets drivers start planning pickups days in advance

    Lyft has just announced a new update with the biggest change being the ability for drivers to start planning their pickups days ahead.
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    Uber and Lyft will be coming back to Austin, Texas

    Uber and Lyft had been previously banned from operating in Austin, Texas thanks to some new legislation. However, that law was recently overruled, and this means the services will be coming back to the city soon.
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    Lyft Lux new service challenges Uber Black in several cities

    Lyft has announced their Lux service will launch in New York City, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Chicago. The service is meant to challenge Uber Black, offering a service tier higher than Lyft Premier.
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    Waymo and Lyft partner up to take on Uber

    Waymo and Lyft have announced a new deal which will allow the two sides to collaborate on bringing self-driving cars into the main stream.
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    Lyft for Business is a site that lets businesses manage teams of all sizes

    Lyft has just launched a new portal called Lyft for Business that, as you guessed it, is geared towards businesses. The team will still get rides just like they always would, but they can now bill their rides to a central business account.
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    Lyft announces Amp, an in-car communication device for the deaf and hearing impaired

    Lyft drivers are normally used to hearing an audible ping sound to let them know when potential customers are available. However, those who are deaf and hearing impaired often miss out on this so the company just announced a new product called Amp that will sit on the driver's dashboard.
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    The Weather Channel will now offer to schedule a ride with Lyft when the weather is bad

    Lyft has been working with 3rd-party companies to integrate their scheduling services into their products. The latest company to do so is The Weather Channel, which will suggest you schedule a car ride when the weather is bad.
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    Lyft is building support for third-party apps

    Lyft is building a platform for their ride-hailing service that'll allow third-party app makers to integrate Lyft services in their apps. This means you could hail a ride through an app, say one for finding airport carpools, and you'll get a ride through Lyft without even having to sign up...
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    Lyft and GM are working on a self-driving fleet of cars

    A new report claims that GM and Lyft are looking to build their partnership by launching a self-driving fleet of cars starting in 2018.
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    Google Maps engineer who pioneered Street View is now working for Lyft

    Luc Vincent served as the senior director of engineering at Google and worked on Google Street View, but now he's been hired by Lyft to head up the company's maps and marketplace division.
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    You can now tell Lyft to books rides based on your calendar events

    If you use your calendar application to keep track of your next appointment, then Lyft can help make things easier. A new update will now integrate with your calendar so that it knows when you need to book your next ride.