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material design

  1. Android News

    Google presents Material Design Awards 2017 winners

    Google has announced the winners of 2017's Material Design Awards. These awards are given to developers who use Material Design to create beautiful, efficient mobile and web apps. This year's winners are NPR One, Eventbrite, Blinkist, and Momondo.
  2. Android News

    Google Calendar is in line for a big redesign

    Reddit user xDawnut has shared images over the new Google Calendar UI, released as part of the Trusted Tester program. The new layout looks very similar to the Google Calendar Android application, as one may expect. There are new designs for day, week, month and list view as well as the settings...
  3. Android News

    Here's a deeper look at the origin story for Material Design

    TechCrunch performed an interview with Rich Fulcher, the head of Material Design UX and Engineering at Google, where Fulcher describes the origin story behind the move to Material Design.
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    Google created a new Twitter account just for Material Design

    If you have a passion for Google's design language, Material Design, then be sure to follow the new Twitter account they created specifically for it.
  5. Android News

    Google's principal lead of Material Design is now working at Dropbox

    Nicholas Jitkoff has been a principal designer at Google since 2006 and has left the company to go work at Dropbox. He's been hired as their vice president of Design and will likely work on Dropbox's design language as well.
  6. Android News

    Google updates the guidelines for Material Design with platforms, app shortcuts and more

    The last time Google updated their Material Design guidelines was back in August, but they were able to add in some more before 2017 starts. This update includes some new guidelines for when to adhere to platform conventions, along with how to create app shortcut icons. And then updates the...
  7. Android News

    Google launches new resources to make it easy to design Material Design apps

    Google has launched a new design hub for Material Design that offers new tools to help everyone make beautiful apps. Tools include a real-time preview engine for testing on actual phones, a UI mockup tool for prototyping your UI, and more.
  8. Android News

    Google's Material Design contest winners have been announced

    Google has posted its Material Design contest winners, which was based on several factors. Brand infusion, charming engagement, creative navigation, expressive layouts, and focused efficiency were all categories on which the apps were judged.
  9. Android News

    Google AdSense and Analytics get a web redesign

    The web versions of Google AdSense and Google Analytics have been updated to follow the Material Design guidelines.
  10. Android News

    Google has translated the guidelines for Material Design into Japanese

    SPAN 2016 is a design conference that is happening tomorrow in Tokyo. Google will be there to show the progress they've made with Material Design and in anticipation of the event, they have just translated all of the guidelines into Japanese.
  11. Android News

    How to: Make your status bar icons follow Android's Material Design guidelines

    With all the different skin overlay's that are used by various manufacturers, there comes a time when you just want that stock Android look. This how-to describes what you need to do to make that a reality.
  12. Android News

    Google updates the Material design spec with up/back navigation, revised notifications and more

    For developers who want to stay on top of the proper Material Design specification, then be sure to check out Google's latest update. The update includes the following changes. . . - Notifications have been revised for Android N, including new content areas, interactions, user controls, and...
  13. Android News

    You can use Materialize to edit your app icons and make them follow the Material Design guidelines

    Material Design has a set of guidelines that tell you exactly how to design your apps, your icons, etc. Some developers follow these guidelines (and those app icons are all the same size), but others do not (and then these app icons are bigger/smaller than the rest). Thankfully, you can use...
  14. Android News

    TED for Android gets Material Design makeover

    TED's app for Android was still using design remnants from Holo days. Thankfully the app has been updated with a new Material Design user interface. Beyond that, the app also adds access to TED's Radio Hour podcast episodes.
  15. Android News

    Flatland is a live wallpaper app for fans of nature and Material Design

    maxelus.net published a new live wallpaper application called Flatland in the Play Store. It isn't free, but it will only cost you $1.95 with zero in-app purchases. The app comes with three different nature scenes (savannah, forest, and flamingos), but you can customize those with 15 preset...
  16. Android News

    There are now over 1 million Material Design applications available in the Play Store

    Google's own Matias Duarte has just announced a new milestone for Material Design. He says there are now over 1 million applications in the Google Play Store that use Material Design.
  17. Android News

    Google releases Material Design guidelines for Android Wear 2.0

    Android Wear 2.0 is said to be the biggest update to Google's wearable OS and developers can test the update on their devices right now. With so many changes happening, Google wants to give developers and designers the tools to make the best apps possible. So today, Google has released Material...
  18. Android News

    Google releases new Material Design guidelines for Material Motion

    Developers and designers get a treat today as Google has updated their Material Design guidelines to include what they're calling Material Motion. Just like the rest of Material Design, Material Motion helps to focus on how paper would look and move in the real world, while still focusing on...
  19. Android News

    projectM v4.22 update adds Chromecast support, Material Design elements and bug fixes

    projectM is a popular music visualizer application and they are in the middle of rolling out a brand new update via the Play Store. Changes in this update include. . . - Chromecast support - Material Design - Bug Fixes
  20. Android News

    eBay's Android app goes Material Design in its latest update

    eBay is currently rolling out a major UI update to their mobile application. The update is said to focus on three key aspects: navigation, utility, and design. . .and this is all achievable thanks to Google's Material Design guidelines.
  21. Android News

    YouTube is testing out a new Material UI for its Web Interface

    Google is testing out a new Material Design UI for its YouTube services. The changes haven't rolled out worldwide, but you can force the changes within the Settings panel of the Chrome browser. This may not work in all regions, and may not work with all browsers, so keep that in mind before...
  22. Android News

    NSFW: Planet Pron makes porn classy with Material Design update

    Just because Planet Pron is an adult app showcasing very, very naughty things doesn't mean the developers can't be really, really good. This is evidenced by a Material Design UI update to the app that impressed the editors at Android Central.
  23. Android News

    Google's Chrome Remote Desktop gets a Material Design makeover

    Google just updated their Chrome Remote Desktop application. Changes from this update include. . . - Material Design UI updates - Third-party licensing credits - Information shown for remote computers that are offline
  24. Android News

    Google’s latest Material Design update introduces an iOS-like bottom...

    Android apps are about to look a bit more like iOS if developers implement Google's latest design guideline. The company has detailed a bottom navigation bar that can be used to switch between different important views in an app, just like iOS has been doing all these years.
  25. Android News

    Facebook Messenger Material Design UI is now going out to everyone

    Facebook today confirmed that Facebook Messenger's new Material Design UI is now going out to all users. The company was testing the new interface with many users already, and with this rollout it seems they're finally happy with where they're at.