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  1. Android News

    This $300 Amazon Alexa device is meant for kids

    Amazon has been selling their Echo devices to adults for a while, but now Mattel wants to market the technology towards kids. The device will be known as the Aristotle, and comes with a companion camera that can be used as a baby monitor.
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    Google is now selling third-party Cardboard units on the Google Store

    Google has added new Cardboard headsets to the Google Store. The company is now selling the Mattel View-Master, as well as more portable Goggle-style headset to view VR content without having to cover your entire face.
  3. Android News

    Mattel announces the Hot Wheels 360 Challenge VR series

    Mattel recently announced that a new version of the View-Master VR headset was coming sometime in the Fall of 2016. It seems the company is also creating some original VR content as well. This week, the Hot Wheels YouTube channel had a new 360-degree VR video uploaded to it. This video pits...
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    Redesigned Mattel View-Master Viewer DLX launching in the fall

    Mattel is planning to launch its virtual reality View-Master Viewer DLX this fall with a handful of improvement over last year's model. The Google Cardboard based VR headset will include improved optical lenses, enhanced focal adjustments and a headphone connector. The new tweaks will take the...
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    Fuhu, the OEM that Made the Nabi Tablets, is Being Acquired by Mattel

    The Nabi is a tablet series running Android that is targeted specifically for kids. The company recently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, but continued to operate as normal by selling devices and honoring warranties. Fuhu's assets will be acquired by Mattel which will be supervised by and...