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    Website Issue Affecting User Experience

    Hey there, Android community! I've been facing a rather perplexing issue with my website lately, and I'm hoping some of you tech-savvy folks can help me out. So, I run a medical billing services website, and it seems like there's a hiccup somewhere in the system. Here's the deal: when users...
  2. Android News

    Here are the 10 best medical apps for Android

    Medicine, like sports, always seems to be wearier of new technology because it’s less reliable. Most establishments that practice medicine will rely on the tried and true methods over something new until that new thing can become as reliable as the old methods. That said, there are some...
  3. Android News

    Smartphones could cause you to become temporarily blinded

    After a series of ER visits from people who suffer temporary blindness, it was imperative for scientists and doctors to figure out why. They came up with the term for the new condition: transient smartphone blindness. Blindness can occur when you use a bright smartphone with one eye closed for...