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    Nintendo will pull the plug on 'Miitomo' in May

    Before Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, there was Miitomo. A sort of social network in disguise, it was Nintendo's first push into mobile gaming on iOS and Android, but now the company has announced it will shut down May 9th.
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    Nintendo updates Miitomo to version 2.0 and finally brings chat capabilities

    Nintendo has updated its Miitomo to version 2.0 and includes a slew of new features including: • The ability to send messages directly to your friends. • The ability to customize your room with new flooring and wallpapers. • The ability to hang your favorite images on your room's walls as...
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    Miitomo players are apparently abandoning Nintendo's app

    According to the latest numbers run by SurveyMonkey Intelligence, Nintendo's Miitomo isn't faring so well. The app boasts over 10 million users, but the numbers show that three-quarters of those users aren't even opening that app once a week. While this may sound like a doom and gloom story...
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    Nintendo's 'Animal Crossing' and 'Fire Emblem' in the works for Android

    Nintendo has announced that it will be bringing its Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games to Android and other mobile platforms. Since MiiTomo for Android has been a runaway success for Nintendo, so we shouldn't be surprise if Nintendo announces even more games for Android in the coming months.
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    Miitomo gets Splatoon gear

    Nintendo is adding Splatoon gear to its Miitomo chat app. You can buy shirts, wigs and other things for your Miitomo character to show your love for Splatoon, one of the Wii U's most beloved games. The gear will be available from April 27th through May 29th.
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    Nintendo's Miitomo app already has more than 4 million users

    Nintendo released their very first mobile application to the majority of the world less than two weeks ago. It's being reported that the app has already surpassed the 4 million user mark and some are suggesting other mobile game makers should be worried.
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    You can now download Nintendo's Miitomo app from Google Play

    As Nintendo promised, you can now download Miitomo from the Google Play Store. Miitomo is their first Android app. It's a social chat app that uses a Q&A system to help friends converse in fun ways.
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    Nintendo's Miitomo app launches in the US March 31st

    Nintendo's first Android app -- Miitomo -- launches in the US March 31st following brief availablity in Japan. Miitomo is a social app that lets you and your friends chat with Mii characters as your avatars. The app asks you interesting questions about your favorite fashion style or the weirdest...
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    Nintendo Miitomo gets 1 million downloads in just 3 days

    Japan loves them some Nintendo. The company's first Android app -- Miitomo -- was downloaded over 1 million times in just 3 days of availability in the country. Miitomo is a social experience that lets you make and talk to friends with a Mii character as your avatar.
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    You can try Nintendo Miitomo on your Android phone right now

    Nintendo Miitomo hasn't launched anywhere but Japan yet, but you can try it early so long as you are willing to install a 3rd-party APK. Note that any progress you make in the app may not translate to your account when the app launches in your region.
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    Nintendo's first mobile game Miitomo launching next week

    Nintendo will finally be entering the mobile gaming platform within the next week. It's much anticipated game, Miitomo, will be coming on March 17th according to Nintendo's Twitter. It's worth mentioning that this game isn't a game in the true sense, instead it will be more of a chat room...
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    You can now pre-register for Nintendo's first Android app

    Nintendo has opened up registration for their first Android app, Miitomo. It's a chat app that lets you use custom Nintendo Mii characters for a fun experience.
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    Nintendo’s Miitomo Android messaging app will sell clothes as in-game purchases

    Many thought Nintendo's first forray into smartphone apps would be a game or collection thereof, but instead, it will be a messaging app named Miitomo. It will be free to use and generate revenue through in-app purchases. Today we learn that, among other things, you'll be able to buy clothing...