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minecraft pocket edition

  1. Android News

    Minecraft Pocket Edition's 'Better Together Update' is now in beta

    Mojang has announced the Better Together Update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has now entered beta. This will allow players of Minecraft on mobile, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch to play together.
  2. Android News

    Latest Minecraft: Pocket Edition update adds a Marketplace, mansions and more

    The developers behind Minecraft have just announced a new update to the Windows 10 and Pocket Edition versions that come with the following changes. . . New Features: Minecraft Marketplace Skyrim Mash-up Pack Llamas Shulker Boxes Woodland Mansions Cartographer Villager...
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    Minecraft: Pocket Edition update adds ancient cities and more

    Mojang has rolled out a new update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition with plenty of Chinese mythology-inspired items. Ancient cities, giant pandas, and dragons are all included.
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    New Minecraft: Pocket Edition update will add villager trading, a strangers skin pack, and more

    Mojang has just announced a new update for both Minecraft Pocket Edition as well as Windows 10 that comes with the following changes. . . New Features: - Added Villager Trading! - Added Strangers Skin Pack - Music, sounds, and user interface can now be modified using Add-Ons - Added the...
  5. Android News

    Mojang reveals new details of Minecraft Pocket Edition's upcoming v1.0 Ender update

    Last month Mojang announced that the upcoming 1.0 Ender update for Minecraft would be released "soon." In a new announcement today, we learn that the update will contain the World Seed Library, polar bears, and the original soundtrack will be included in the pocket edition of the game.
  6. Android News

    Minecraft Pocket Edition will receive the 1.0 Ender Dragon update "soon"

    The developers behind Minecraft have just announced a brand new update that will be headed to Android in the near future. The update will bring its version up to 1.0, and it will include the Ender Dragon.
  7. Android News

    The latest update to Minecraft Pocket Edition adds the Wither Boss and more

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been updated to version 0.16 and adds the Wither Boss, as well as various add-ons which allow users to change textures and create other add-ons.
  8. Android News

    Mojang announces beta version 0.15 of Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android

    There's a big update going out to anyone who plays Minecraft on an Android smartphone. To get the new version now though, you'll have to apply to become a beta tester (which you can do by clicking the source link below). This beta update includes the following changes. . . New Features -...
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    Minecraft Pocket Edition is getting support for Realms, an always-on server

    Minecraft Pocket Edition is getting a big update soon. Mojang -- its developers -- revealed that Realms will be added to the mobile version of the game. Realms is a feature that allows you and friends to drop in and out of an always-living server. Normal Minecraft multiplayer games rely on a...
  10. Android News

    Mojang updates Minecraft Pocket Edition to v0.14.0, adds witchs, slime blocks and more

    The last time we saw Minecraft Pocket Edition updated was toward the end of January when they rolled out a new version of their beta app. Today, the stable build has received an update to version 0.14.0 and in this update the following changes have been made. . . - More Redstone components...
  11. Android News

    Updated Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta brings maps, new achievements and more

    The beta version of Minecraft Pocket Edition was just updated to version 0.14.0 and this update brings the following changes. . . - Cauldrons - New achievements - Maps - Hoppers - Dispensers - Droppers - Item frames (full of bugs! keep on testing!) - Slime blocks - Creative inventory...