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  1. Android News

    Google's latest machine learning work is about improving photos

    The latest research from Google, conducted with scientists from MIT are algorithms that are capable of retouching your photos like a professional photographer in real time, before you take them.
  2. Android News

    This dedicated speech recognition chip from MIT uses a tiny amount of power

    Researchers at MIT have created a chip made to do only one thing, handle speech recognition. The big deal here is that this task would normally consume 1 watt of power, but this new chip is said to consume anywhere from .02 to .1 milliwatts.
  3. Android News

    This smartwatch app from MIT can detect your emotion

    Researchers at MIT have developed a smartwatch application which can detect your emotion.
  4. Android News

    MIT researchers find a way to double the capacity of lithium-ion batteries

    People want more battery life with their phones, but the advancements in technology just haven't kept up with other aspects. However, some MIT researchers have discovered a way to double the capacity of our lithium-ion batteries and say the tech could be in smartphones as soon as next year.
  5. Android News

    MIT develops power-efficient machine learning mobile chip

    A team at MIT has developer a new machine learning mobile chip which with 168 cores which only consumed one tenth the power of a standard mobile chip. Named Eyeriss, MIT's new chip could be used in smartphones and wearables to offer neural processing rather than transferring local data to be...