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mobile world congress

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    Android Authority: Huawei CEO calls out competitors “using politics” to kill U.S. deal

    At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, CNBC asked Richard Yu, the head of Huawei's consumer business, at a media roundtable about his thoughts on the company's issues in the U.S. While Yu was there to speak about the company's latest laptop device, the MateBook X Pro, the executive...
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    Expect next year's Huawei flagship at MWC 2018

    Huawei has confirmed that they want to launch their next-generation flagship at each Mobile World Congress from now on. This is key to ensure they can draw enough attention compared to standalone events.
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    LG hasn't licensed the Far East Movement's 'Like a G6' for the launch of the G6... yet

    Does anyone remember Far East Movement's "Like a G6?" Apparently, LG has not yet contacted the group about licensing the song for the launch of the LG G6 next week, but it could still happen since The Verge passed along the Far East Movement's to LG's PR team.
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    LG reveals details regarding the G6's rear and front-facing cameras

    LG has issued another press release which gives us some insight into the various cameras which will be used on the LG G6. The front facing camera will be equipped with a 100-degree wide angle lens while the main camera on the back will have two 13-megapixel sensors - one of which will use a...
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    Huawei P10 teaser hints at Gold, Blue and Green color options

    Huawei is teasing the upcoming P10's launch again,l hinting that the phone will be available in Gold, Blue and Green. Last year's P9 had a handful of color options at launch, but the current color count sits at 8.
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    Leaked slide reveals Huawei P10 & P10 Plus prices and configurations

    A leaked presentation slide has surfaced, revealing various configuration and price details for the upcoming Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. - P10 4GB/32GB: ¥3,488 ($508) [3 colors] - P10 4GB/64GB: ¥4,088 ($595) [6 colors] - P10 6GB/128GB: ¥4,688 ($682) [9 colors] - P10 Plus 4GB/64GB: ¥4,988 ($726)...
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    Lenovo's Moto G5 to go on sale in mid-March

    The Lenovo Moto G5 hasn't been officially announced yet, but a new listing on Clove's website shows that the device is expected to go on sale in mid-March. Lenovo is expected to show off the phone for the first time at Mobile World Congress during the last week of February.
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    Alcatel will be holding its MWC 2017 event on February 27th

    Alcatel has started sending invitations for its event at Mobile World Congress 2017, which will be held on February 27th. The company is expected to launch at least 5 new smartphones, including one featuring a modular design.
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    Rumor reveals Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 specs and price

    According to the latest report, Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Tab S3 at Mobile World Congress at the end of February. The rumor claims that the tablet will have a 9.6-inch 2048×1536 display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, 12MP and 5MP cameras...
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    Samsung Galaxy S8 won't make it to Mobile World Congress

    Samsung has told Reuters not to expect their next device -- the Galaxy S8 -- at Mobile World Congress despite the series traditionally launching there. There was no official reason for the delay, but with the recent news regarding Galaxy Note 7's battery safety issues, it's likely the company is...
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    The Huawei P10 will be unveiled at MWC 2017

    Huawei has started sending out press invitations for an event at Mobile World Congress where the company is expected to launch the Huawei P10.
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    The LG G6 will be unveiled at MWC and will launch in early March

    A new rumor suggests LG will be unveiling the new LG G6 on February 26th and releasing the device on March 10th.
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    Samsung may unveil the Galaxy S8 at MWC after all

    While the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has reportedly been pushed back into March, a new rumor claims that Samsung may be planning a limited production run of the new device which would all it to show it off at Mobile World Congress next month. While the unveiling may happen at MWC, mass...
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    Slide reveals plans for 6-7 Nokia Android phones in 2017

    We're still waiting for the first Android phone from Nokia, but a Malaysian distributor has shown off a slide which reveals Nokia has 6-7 devices planned for this year. Previously, that number was sitting at just 5. The first two Nokia Android devices are expected to launch in Q2 so we may see...
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    Mobile World Congress Americas announced for 2017

    Mobile World Congress 2017 will still be held in Barcelona, however a new event will also launch in America that year. Called Mobile World Congress Americas, it will mark the first time an MWC-branded event is held in the US by the CTIA. The event will replace CTIA Mobility going forward.
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    Samsung Galaxy S7's Selfie Camera gets detailed in a new video

    The Samsung Galaxy S7's rear camera was all Samsung talked about at Mobile World Congress, but they also added new features for the selfie camera they forgot to mention, including new filters in Beauty mode.
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    LG G5 removable battery module packaging shown off in leaked image

    A new leaked image gives us our first look at the HTC G5's "Magic Slot" removable battery module. The image itself is actually a picture of the packaging, but it clearly shows the battery and the connected bottom portion of the phone. More details should be revealed at Mobile World Congress on...
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    Will Samsung's S7 be overshadowed by the LG G5?

    Pocketnow digs into the expected differences between the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5. While Samsung's phone will offer improved battery life and performance over last years model, the LG G5 will be completely different than anything we've ever seen - giving it the opportunity to...
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    Lenovo teases metal smartphone unveiling at Mobile World Congress

    Lenovo India has just published an image on Twitter, teasing a metal phone which will deliver a "Knockout punch" when unveiled at Mobile World Congress next week. No details have been unveiled, but it may likely be a variant of the Lenovo Lemon 3 built specifically for India.
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    LG will reveal the G5 on February 21st at Mobile World Congress

    LG USA Mobile has just tweeted some teaser images and used the hashtag #LGG5 to tease the upcoming announcement of the LG G5. The device will likely be announced at the Mobile World Congress event this year on February 21st.
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    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 3C certification in China

    Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have just received its 3C certification in China. The SM-G9308, SM-G9300 (S7) and SM-G9350 (S7 Edge) model numbers were not accompanies by and specification details, but we do know that Samsung is planning to unveiling both phones on February 21 at Mobile...
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    Huawei schedules MWC press event for February 21

    Huawei has sent out invitations for a press event which will be held on February 21 - the day before doors officially open at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It's unclear what device Huawei will unveiled at the event as the upcoming Huawei P9 is expected to launch the week after Mobile World...
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    Leak suggests LG Pay will use an external card, similar to Coin

    If you remember back, Coin was a crowdfunded 'smart' credit card of sorts that let you register multiple ATM and credit cards into it so you only had to carry around one card. A recent leak suggests that LG Pay will follow that same style. A leaked image shows an LCD screen, a couple of buttons...
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    Oppo is planning a big smartphone announcement for Mobile World Congress

    Oppo has announced that it will be unveiling a new smartphone which will feature “unprecedented smartphone camera innovation” and a “groundbreaking power solution” at Mobile World Congress next month.
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    Gionee Elife S8 will feature "pressure-sensitive display"- launch event scheduled for MWC

    Little is known about Gionee's Elife S8 smartphone, but the comapny has announced that the new phone will be unveiled on February 22 at Mobile World Congress. SPecifications of the phone are unknown at this time, but we do know that the phone will include "hassle-free photo-shooting features"...