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moto 360 sport

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    Moto 360 Sport may finally get Android Wear 2.0 soon

    Moto 360 Sport users been waiting on an update to Android Wear 2.0 for quite some time, but it looks like the OTA is finally about to roll out.
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    DEAL: Moto 360 Sport gets a $55 discount, selling for just $103.99

    Looking for a smartwatch? The Moto 360 Sport is selling on Amazon for $103.99 - a good $55 less than it's usual price. The deal only applies to the white variant as the black model is still selling for $174.
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    Deal: Get the Moto 360 Sport for $125 on eBay

    The Moto 360 Sport has been the subject of many sales recently, and the latest brings the price down to $125 via eBay. Currently more than 50% of the stock has been sold, but there are still plenty available and comes in either White or Orange/Flame.
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    Deal: Get a new Moto 360 Sport for $125

    Currently, an eBay seller has a brand new Moto 360 Sport on sale for just $125, saving $75 off the full retail price.
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    Moto 360 Sport gets a $60 discount from Best Buy

    You can now purchase the Moto 360 Sport for $140 thanks to a $60 discount from Best Buy. The Moto 360 Sport was never one of the best Android Wear devices released, but it's a good option for those who want a sporty smartwatch to keep track of their workouts.
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    Grab a 64GB Moto X Pure and Moto 360 Sport for $399

    B&H Photo has a nice smartphone and smartwatch combo if you're looking to upgrade your tech. You can nab a Moto X Pure and a Moto 360 Sport for only $399, which is the same price as buying the phone from Motorola. You'll get a 64GB model featuring a Snapdragon 808 with 3GB of RAM, a 21MP...
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    DEAL: buy the 64GB Moto X Pure Edition and Moto 360 Sport, save $350

    Need a new smartphone and smartwatch? Motorola is offering an incredible deal on its 64GB Moto X Pure Edition and Moto 360 Sport is you buy both devices. Rather than paying $750 for both, Motorola is practically giving them away at just $400 - a savings of $350.
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    Verizon Will Begin Selling the Moto 360 Sport Tomorrow for $299

    The Moto 360 Sport is the late addition to the 2015 smartwatches from Motorola but Verizon will start selling it tomorrow on the 7th. Expect to pay $299.99 for the smartwatch and they will have the device in Black, White and Red.
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    Moto 360 Sport Uses a "First of its Kind LCD Display"

    Some people have had trouble seeing the contents of their smartwatch while out side and Motorola has a solution for that in the Moto 360 Sport. What we have here is a hybrid LCD display that users traditional LCD backlighting when indoors, but then uses a "front lit reflective technology"to...