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motorola moto x 2016

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    Is this our first look at Lenovo's new Moto devices?

    In some new leaked images, we may be getting out first look at the 2016 Moto G and 2016 Moto X from Lenovo. The 2016 Moto X seemingly will feature an aluminum design, while the Moto G will keep its plastic backing that has become a staple for the popular budget device.
  2. Android News

    Moto X 2016 could have a fingerprint scanner

    One somewhat reliable source has said to expect a fingerprint scanner on the Moto X 2016. It's not all that surprising as the industry is moving toward including the tech as standard, especially with services like Android Pay taking off.
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    Alleged Moto X 2016 chassis shows an internal heat pipe

    It seems Motorola wants to do away with as much heat as possible for the Moto X 2016. A leaked photo of its alleged chassis appears to show an internal heat pipe, a mechanism often found in computers that can route heat out of the device in an efficient manner.
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    Could this be the Moto X 2016?

    Images of a purported new Motorola phone are making the rounds in Chinese social circles. This is said to be Motorola's next flagship Moto X device, which we'll opt to refer to as the Moto X 2016 for the time being. While the legitimacy of the photo is still in question, it's interesting to play...