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nat and lo

  1. Android News

    Video from Google talks about how they did the new 3D imagery in the Google Earth update

    Google recently released a big update to Google Earth and many of the new features are focused on the way the company is doing 3D imagery. Nat and Lo just released a new video that takes us behind the scenes and shows us how Google was able to pull it off.
  2. Android News

    NatandLo episode 16 takes us behind the scenes with the team working on Tango

    The 16th episode of Nat and Lo is all about Tango and we get some insight into what Google has been trying to do with the project since its inception.
  3. Android News

    Nat and Lo's latest video gives us a tour of the Android Auto research lab

    Nat and Lo are a duo of Googlers who started a video series to give us deeper looks inside the mega technology company. Their latest video takes us on a tour of Google's Android Auto research labs where the company undergoes tests and experiments to help shape Android Auto. The lab features car...
  4. Android News

    The Nat & Lo Show goes behind the scenes to show you Google's Text-To-Speech technology

    The Nat & Lo show is a 20% project from 2 Google employees where they take us behind the scenes and show us how some of the company's technology is created. Their latest episode is about the new text-to-speech engine that Google recently rolled out to Android devices about one week ago.