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  1. Android News

    Nextbit is shutting down its Smart Storage cloud service for the Robin

    Nextbit says the Smart Storage cloud service will shut down on March 1st. Nextbit emailed users with the news, saying that from March 1st all Robin phone owners would be signed out of Smart Storage. To secure their data, they’ll either have to sync it to their phone, or head to Nextbit’s...
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    Former HTC designer Scott Croyle has left Razer's Nextbit

    Scott Croyle, a long time HTC designer who left the company for Razer's Nextbit arm, has left the company. He will start up his own consultancy firm once more.
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    Nextbit has ended support for the Nextbit Robin

    Nextbit has announced that it has completely ended customer support for the Nextbit Robin, effective August 1st. The Robin's self-help documentation is still online.
  4. Android News

    Nextbit Robin support will end on July 31st

    Nextbit has just announced that phone and chat support for their Robin smartphone will be suspended indefinitely on July 31.
  5. Android News

    DEAL: Get the Nextbit Robin for just $110 from eBay

    An eBay seller is currently offering the Nextbit Robin for just $110, while also offering free shipping.
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    Nextbit Robin revisited review says that the device is a better option at $130

    Android Police has published its "re-review" of the Nextbit Robin and says that it provides a fantastic value considering you can purchase one for just $130.
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    LineageOS now supports the Nextbit Robin while dropping support for the Nexus 4

    The latest update to LineageOS adds support for the Nextbit Robin, but drops support for the Nexus 4. The update also switches to a lighter browser named Jelly.
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    Razer redirects the Nextbit community site to their homepage

    Razer recently acquired Nextbit and we knew that they were closing shop on their hardware and now the community forum is gone too. Individual pages will 404 now and Nextbit's old store is just empty with everything being sold out.
  9. Android News

    DEAL: Save 65% on the Nextbit Robin and get it for $136.99

    An eBay seller currently has the Nextbit Robin on sale for just $136.99, a savings of over 65%.
  10. Android News

    Nextbit retools its privacy policy after Robin Nougat update

    Nextbit has changed its privacy policy now that the Razer acquisition is complete, along with the update to Android Nougat for the Nextbit Robin.
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    Nextbit begins rolling out Android Nougat to the Robin

    Nextbit has started seeding its Android Nougat update to all owners of the Nextbit Robin.
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    DEAL: You can get a Nextbit Robin for just $140 on eBay right now

    While Nextbit has officially stopped selling the Robin through official channels, some resellers have the device still. An eBay seller is selling new units of the Robin right now for only $140.
  13. Android News

    Nextbit announces they've been acquired by Razer

    Razer is generally known for their computer products, but lately they've been getting into the Android ecosystem as well. Today, it's been announced that Razer has just acquired the team responsible for the Nextbit Robin.
  14. Android News

    Nextbit Robin with Android 7.1.1 appears on GFXBench

    A Nextbit Robin running Android 7.1.1 has appeared on GFXBench, suggesting that the company will skip over Android 7.0 and go straight to the current version. There's no information on when the update could be released, but it's good news for those with the cloud-based phone.
  15. Android News

    DEAL: Nextbit Robin is selling for $139 on Amazon

    The Nextbit Robin isn't the newest smartphone on the block, but the device is definitely worth taking a look at since Amazon has just chopped off $111 from its usual $250 sticker price. For $139, we're not sure why anyone wouldn't want to buy the Nextbit Robin.
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    DEAL: Amazon has the Nextbit Robin for just $145

    Amazon currently has the Nextbit Robin on sale for $145, a savings of $105 off the retail price.
  17. Android News

    Deal: Get the Nextbit Robin from eBay for just $150

    A seller on eBay is offering the Nextbit Robin in either Mint or Black for just $150. This is 50% off the regular retail price of $300 and includes free shipping across the US.
  18. Android News

    Nextbit Robin's Nougat beta rolling out to select participants

    Nextbit is now testing Android 7.0 Nougat on the Nextbit Robin. The update is available to those who are signed up as beta testers. You can sign up to do so at Nextbit's forums. If selected, stay on the lookout for a 1GB update.
  19. Android News

    Deal: Get the Nextbit Robin for more than 50% off at just $169

    Amazon currently has the Nextbit Robin on sale for 57% off, bringing the price down to just $169. This deal is good for both the Midnight and Mint variants and includes free Prime shipping.
  20. Android News

    DEAL: Amazon has the Nextbit Robin for only $170 right now

    The Nextbit Robin has been declining in price over the last few months and now you can pick one up from Amazon for only $170.
  21. Android News

    This week’s best smartphone, smartwatch and accessory deals [Oct 14]

    Here are some of the best deals of the week for smartphones, smartwatches, and accessories. These deals are highlighted by the Nextbit Robin being available for just $200, the Huawei Watch on sale for $203, and the Jaybird X2 headphones on sale for $80.
  22. Android News

    Deal: Get the 32GB Nextbit Robin for just $199

    Currently, Amazon has the Nextbit Robin on sale for just $199, down from the regular price of $299. The deal is currently only available for Amazon Prime members where you can get free 2-day shipping.
  23. Android News

    Vulnerability found in the Nextbit Robin allows for a full compromise over usb

    Nextbit hired Foxconn to assemble the Robin, and also granted them permission to use some of their low level firmware on the device. There's a vulnerability (called Pork Explosion) with this low level firmware that allows an attack with physical access to a device to gain a root shell (with...
  24. Android News

    DEAL: Nexbit to cut the price of the Robin to $199 for 22 and 23

    Nextbit will be practically giving the Robin away on September 22 and 23. The Nextbit Robin will be selling for $199 for those two days, making it an incredible steal for those who want a stylish alternative to the current offering of metal and glass phones that are on the market.
  25. Android News

    Paranoid Android's latest update supports the Nextbit Robin

    The devs behind Paranoid Android just announced a new version of their customer ROM. The biggest news here is that it now supports the Nextbit Robin, but they've also made some big changes to the OnePlus 3 release too (like DASH charging).