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nexus launcher

  1. Android News

    Video walkthrough shows off the completely redesigned Pixel Launcher

    Google is going to be launching the Pixel and Pixel XL with a new, exclusive launcher. Thankfully, the launcher has been leaked and Joe of Phandroid walks us through the new experience it offers.
  2. Android News

    Google changes the name of Nexus Launcher to Pixel Launcher

    More evidence is building that shows Google's plans to rebrand their Nexus line to Pixel. The Nexus Launcher is getting renamed to Pixel Launcher in a forthcoming version of the app. The new APK has no other changes.
  3. Android News

    Google Assistant and the Nexus Launcher may be arriving next month

    Along with releasing Android Nougat, Google also announced that it would be committing to a regular maintenance schedule. Since many of the leaked software features that we have seen did not arrive yesterday, it's being suggested that we'll see things like Google Assistant and the Nexus Launcher...
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    Latest Google App beta brings back the Google animation for the Nexus Launcher's search function

    A recent update to the Google app beta brings back animation for the search functionality found within the leaked Nexus Launcher.
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    You can get some of the Nexus Launcher features in Action Launcher 3.9 beta

    Chris Lacy just uploaded a quick video to demo some of the new features of Action Launcher version 3.9 beta. The features shown off include the swiping up from the dock to access the app drawer and the Google search box being replaced by the G tab with the calendar widget.
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    You can get the Google Nexus launcher on your phone right now

    Yesterday, it was discovered that there would be a new launcher with Android 7.0 Nougat that just might be exclusive to Nexus devices. The APK and system files have been extracted and as long as you have root access (so you can flash a ZIP file after installing the APK), you can install the...
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    How to: Get the new Nexus Launcher appearance using Nova Launcher

    We saw screenshots of a new launcher that is rumored to be launching shortly and since then we've been wondering how to get our hands on it. Thanks to the folks at XDA, we can now recreate the redesigned Google Launcher using the popular launcher-replacement, Nova Launcher.
  8. Android News

    Leak shows what Google's new Nexus-exclusive launcher could look like

    Android Police has just published some GIFs that show us what the launcher on the 2016 Nexus smartphones will look like. If true, it seems the Google search bar is going away and will be replaced with a calendar widget and Google pull tab. It also looks like the app drawer button will be going...