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  1. AugieTN


    Trying to watch the football game and they keep changing to a sideline Vikings announcer talking to a player while the game is going on. So stupid. People want to watch the game not watch a sideline interview during game play.
  2. Android News

    'Sunday Night Football' will be coming to all smartphones in 2018

    Now that Verizon's exclusivity deal has expired, NBC has announced that the company has acquired the rights to stream its 'Sunday Night Football' programming on all mobile devices in 2018.
  3. Android News

    Verizon signs new NFL deal for Yahoo Sports

    Verizon and the NFL have inked a new deal that will allow anyone to stream NFL games directly from Yahoo and the Yahoo Sports apps.
  4. Android News

    Verizon said to be losing exclusive mobile streaming rights from the NFL

    A new deal is said to be in the works between Verizon and the NFL making it possible for customers to stream NFL games on connected TV's and tablets. However, Verizon will lose the exclusive rights to stream games on smartphones.
  5. Android News

    Facebook signs 2-year deal to publish NFL highlights

    Facebook has signed a two-year agreement with the NFL that will allow them to publish video highlights and recaps immediately after football games. The deal is effective immediately.
  6. Android News

    Amazon will begin streaming Thursday Night Football this week

    For NFL fans with Amazon Prime memberships, a new perk is sure to liven up your Thursday nights. Starting September 28th, with Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers, live Thursday Night Football games will be streamed on the Amazon Prime site and the Prime Video app.
  7. Android News

    11 NFL Games that Amazon Prime will Stream Live in 2017

    Amazon is the exclusive online provider for 11 Thursday Night Football games for the 2017 season. Here's the full slate of NFL games you'll be able to watch live online.
  8. Android News

    Amazon will stream 10 Thursday Night NFL games in 2017

    The NFL and Amazon have agreed for the latter to stream 10 Thursday night games for Amazon Prime members over the course of the 2017 NFL season.
  9. Android News

    NFL games come to the CBS All Access application this weekend

    CBS All Access is an online streaming service that allows their customers to stream network content to their device. This service has been limited in certain ways, but this weekend you will be able to stream weekend and Thursday night NFL games through the service.
  10. Android News

    A VR series from the NFL is coming to Daydream and YouTube

    The NFL has just announced they will be producing their first VR series. It will be a 9-part show that offers the point of view of players, coaches, executives, cheerleaders and fans.
  11. Android News

    How to watch the Bills vs Jets NFL game live on Twitter

    Twitter's first broadcast of a live NFL game is tonight. Phandroid shows you how to watch the game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets.
  12. Android News

    NFL Mobile no longer counts toward Verizon's data caps

    Verizon, the exclusive wireless partner of the NFL, is now making it so that data used from NFL mobile doesn't count toward users' data cap. NFL Mobile offers live coverage of NFL games, as well as highlights and other content.
  13. Android News

    Job listing shows the NFL is looking to start their own Snapchat Discover channel

    Snapchat is growing every day and we're seeing more and more brands launching their own Discover channel on the platform. Thanks to a job listing discovered on Linked In, it seems the NFL is looking for an editor to manage an NFL Discover channel on Snapchat.
  14. Android News

    All of DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers can stream out-of-market games

    Before, NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers had to pay for an additional MAX upgrade if they wanted to watch out-of-market games through the system. AT&T has announced that this is no longer required for its 22nd season. The MAX upgrade will still come with some premium features, but it won't be...
  15. Android News

    Twitter won a deal to show Thursday Night Football games online

    Bloomberg reports that Twitter won a bidding war against the likes of Amazon, Verizon, Facebook and Yahoo for rights to stream NFL's Thursday Night Football games online starting with the 2016 season. It's a pretty big deal that's unique for a company like Twitter.
  16. Android News

    Amazon is getting NFL's latest reality series

    The NFL has announced All or Nothing, a new reality series that goes deep into a team's locker room during the ups and downs of a season. The first season will follow the Arizona Cardinals' path to the NFC Championship game. The series will premiere exclusively on Amazon Video.
  17. admyrick

    Check out these tech commercials to be aired during Super Bowl 50

    If you love commercials during the Super Bowl, but don't want to wait until tonight, here are some of the tech commercials that will be shown to the world. We'll see a few common faces, but will also see a couple newcomers in these awesome Super Bowl 50 commercials.
  18. admyrick

    How to watch Super Bowl 50 on your Android devices

    Who's ready for Super Bowl Sunday? Are you itching to watch the best game of the season, but don't know how to get it on your various devices? No worries, follow the steps here, and you'll be on your way to the promised land.
  19. Android News

    Google, Apple, Verizon and Amazon are all reportedly interested in streaming NFL games

    The NFL has announced that it is in talks with unnamed potential partners for a deal that would allow them to stream Thursday Night Football games online. However, Variety has been in talks with multiple sources who claim these four big internet giants are the ones negotiating with the NFL for...
  20. Android News

    T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial preview [VIDEO]

    The NFL Super Bowl 50 is only a week away and several of the multi-million dollar ads have already been leaked. Here is a look at the T-Mobile's ad which aims for nostalgia.
  21. Android News

    YouTube kicks off its Super Bowl Adblitz campaign

    YouTube has already kicked off its Super Bowl 50 Adblitz campaign and the company is encouraging advertisers to tease their commercials early. So you can head to their Adblitz website and watch a few teasers before the game and then they want you to come back during and after the game to catch...
  22. Android News

    Google is Reportedly Negotiating with the NFL for the Ability to Stream London Games

    Last year it was Yahoo who won the right to stream an NFL game that took place in London and this year it seems that Google wants to do it. According to Reuters, Google is in the middle of a negotiation with the NFL for the rights to stream one(or possibly all three) Football games that take...
  23. Android News

    Engadget: Watch the Patriots practice in VR through Google Cardboard

    Visa and the New England Patriots teamed up to give us an inside look at a professional NFL practice through virtual reality. You can check the experience out on YouTube using Google Cardboard for the best experience, though it's perfectly viewable on your Android device without it.
  24. Rob

    Stream the Bills vs Jaguaurs NFL Game on your Android Phone or Tablet

    For the first time the NFL will allow their content to be streamed for free live on the web with media partner Yahoo. That means you can watch directly from your Android Phone, Android Tablet, Android TV, or on your regular television through Chromecast.