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    Niantic's next AR game is based on Harry Potter

    A new report suggests that Niantic's next AR game will feature J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter franchise.
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    MewTwo is coming to Pokemon Go soon

    Niantic has announced that MewTwo will be coming to Pokemon Go via new invite-only Raid Battles.
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    Pokemon Go begins celebrating its first birthday with various global events

    Niantic has revealed more details about its game's first birthday celebration. Apparently, you can participate in the event no matter where you are in the world by working with the participants at Grant Park during three Challenge Windows that will take place throughout the day.
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    The new Pokemon Go gym system is rolling out today

    Niantic is rolling out a new update to Pokemon Go which includes a new gym system, while promising that raid battles are "coming soon".
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    Niantic has begun shadowbanning Pokémon Go cheaters

    This past weekend we saw there was a big update to the Pokemon Go application that is focused on curtailing the cheating issue. If caught, you will no longer be banned from playing the game, but instead your account will be flagged and you'll only be able to see common type pokemon.
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    Pokémon Go’s Easter Eggstravaganza begins today

    Pokemon Go will have an Easter event in-game starting today and lasting through April 20. The event will offer players a greater variety of Pokemon to find in 2km eggs, with eggs granting much more candy when hatched by players.
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    The latest Pokemon Go event gives you a better chance to catch a Lapras

    Starting today at 1PM PDT, the latest Pokemon Go event will be underway. This event will make it easier to catch water Pokemon including those found in the Johto region and possibly Lapras.
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    Pokemon Go will have legendary Pokemon by the end of the year

    We first heard about Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go back in August with an APK teardown but now we have some official information about it. It has been revealed that the first legendary Pokemon will be added to Pokemon Go before the end of the year.
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    Niantic talks about Pokemon Go Ingress at MWC 2017

    Representatives from Niantic are at MWC this year and they are talking about both Pokemon Go as well as Ingress. Along with talking about future updates, we learned that Pokemon Go players have captured 88 million Pokemon, they've used 44 petabytes of mobile data, and that the company is working...
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    You can now get rid of the annoying theme music in Pokemon GO

    The latest update for Pokemon GO allows you to swap out the in-game theme music with your own favorite music and playlists.
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    China says they'll allow Pokemon Go in the country when it's deemed safe

    Niantic and Nintendo have launched Pokemon Go in multiple countries around the world, but it has yet to debut in China. Chinese officials feel that augmented reality poses a risk to personal safety and national security though, so they don't want the technology used in the country.
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    The Pokemon Go Holiday Event starts on Christmas Day with a free egg incubator

    Pokemon Go's Holiday Event will begin on Christmas Day with PokeStops giving players a free single-use egg incubator. Starting on December 30th, the original starting Pokemon will be easier to find, and on January 3rd, you will be able to find Togepi, Pichu, and other Johto-based eggs easier.
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    A new study says Pokemon Go does boost physical activity, but not for long

    A study has been published by the BMJ (formerly known as the British Medical Journal) that says Pokemon Go does in fact boost physical activity. However, their data seems to indicate that this boost in physical activity doesn't last for very long.
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    Niantic launches Pokemon Go in India and South Asia

    While Pokemon Go has been a huge success in multiple locations around the world, it's not available everywhere. Niantic has just announced they have launched the game in both South Asia as well as India.
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    Data mined from latest Pokemon Go update includes shiny pokemon, genders, costumes and more

    Earlier today, version 0.49.1 of Pokemon Go was released and some people have already begun data mining the APK. While not available to the public yet, the following could be launched in the future. . . - Pokemon gender - Shiny Pokemon variants - New avatar customization options - Baby...
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    Version 0.49.1 of Pokemon Go is now available for download

    Niantic Labs are currently rolling out version 0.49.1 of Pokemon Go, and it's currently available for download right now. This update comes with the following changes. . . - Trainers will be able to transfer multiple Pokémon at a time to Professor Willow. To use this function, press and hold...
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    Rumor says Pokemon Go will get 100 new Pokemon this week

    Thanks to a leaked guide, it's believed that the second generation of Pokemon (from Gold and Silver) will be available this week. Starbucks employees say they can vouch for the legitimacy of the leaked guide.
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    Pokemon Go's new Nearby tracker is rolling out to everyone

    If you've been waiting for the new tracker feature within Pokemon Go to become available, the wait is over. Niantic has announced that the feature is now live in the US and "large parts of Europe".
  19. Android News

    Someone has finally caught a Ditto in Pokemon Go

    Someone on the TheSilphRoad subreddit has provided screenshots that show they caught the illusive Ditto. The person says they simply caught a Rattata and then received a cutscene showing it turn into a Ditto.
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    List of Pokemon in Pokemon Go that are seeing their CP levels changed

    The folks at Niantic Labs have announced some Pokemon would see their CP levels changed, but they didn't list all of them that were being changed. Reddit user DinoRaawr has compiled a list that shows which Pokemon have been buffed and which have been nerfed.
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    This Pokemon Go Plus wrist strap is much better than the original

    If you've ever used the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, then you may have had issues with the strap that comes with it. If this sounds familiar to you, then be sure to check out this replacement strap from Amazon as it is much better than the original.
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    Niantic claims there is a secret within Pokemon Go that nobody has found yet

    According to Niantic CEO John Hanke, there is a secret within Pokemon GO that has yet to be discovered. Hanke refused to give away anymore clues, but could be the arrival of Ditto which has yet to be seen since the game was launched
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    Niantic adds daily bonuses to Pokemon Go to get people playing every day

    Niantic has just announced a new update that will earn you extra rewards for doing certain tasks every day. The new daily bonuses include. . . Catching a Pokémon every day will earn the following bonus: - 500 XP - 600 Stardust Catching a Pokémon every day for 7 days straight will earn the...
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    Pokemon GO update brings Halloween event

    Pokemon GO is getting a Halloween update. The update brings an event that lasts from October 26th through October 31st. Throughout the event, you'll see increased encounters with spooky Pokemon like Ghastly and Zubat, and you will also receive doubled candies.
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    Report claims Pokemon Go made over $600 million in revenue during the first 3 months

    According to a report from AppAnnie, Niantic Labs was able to rake in over $600 million dollars of revenue from Pokemon Go in the first 90 days it was made available.