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now on tap

  1. Android News

    Google's Now on Tap feature is getting a new UI with actions and nearby places

    Google is updating the way their Now on Tap feature looks after it captures the contents of your screen. With the new update, you'll get color coded buttons for actions like setting a reminder, a calendar event, etc. Under that row of quick action buttons, we also get some nearby buttons for...
  2. Android News

    Android users can access Google Now On Tap without enabling Google Now cards

    Previously users needed to opt-in to Google Now cards on their phones or tablets in order to access Now On Tap. But with the latest server-side change, you can now disable the "show cards" option in the Now Cards section of the app's settings menu. Before now turning this off on Android 6.0+...
  3. Android News

    User says Google Now on Tap doesn't require Google Now cards to be enabled to work

    Someone on Reddit says they just receive a Google app update that brought it to version They say that once the update was applied, they are now able to use Google Now on Tap, without having to enable Google Now cards. When checking this myself, I can confirm that Google Now on Tap...
  4. Android News

    According to local users, Google's Now on Tap is rolling out in Brazil

    Google's useful tool to search anything on your screen, Now on Tap, is now rolling out to users in Brazil.
  5. Android News

    Google uploads a new promo video for Now on Tap

    Google is encouraging everyone to use Now on Tap to "get instant answers anywhere on your Android M phone." I'm not sure why Google would call Android 6.0 Marshmallow "Android M", but it is nice to see the company promoting their Now on Tap service.
  6. Android News

    Google Now On Tap will give you lyrics to your favorite songs while they are playing

    Google is always improving it's Now On Tap feature and someone recently found a way to easily find the lyrics to your favorite song. Simply activate Now On Tap from within Spotify or Google Play Music, and the service will search the web for the lyrics and present them to you, allowing for you...
  7. Android News

    Google App Receives an Update that Lets You Share a Screenshot with Now on Tap

    Google has just updated their core Google application on Android and this is what controls features like Google Now and Now on Tap. This update included a nifty little feature that lets you share the screen capture after you activate Now on Tap This means you don't have to fiddle with pressing...