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  1. Rob

    This NVIDIA graphics processing software is pretty insane

    Draw a terribly dodgy landscape with a few MS Paint style strokes, tap a few buttons, and create an entirely customized photorealistic landscape. NVIDIA is doing some amazing work in graphics processing and this should be exciting for any tech enthusiast, but especially artists. I'd like to see...
  2. Android News

    SHIELD TV Experience Upgrade 6.3 released

    NVIDIA is pushing Experience Upgrade 6.3 to SHIELD TV owners, full of new apps support, firmware upgrades for the SHIELD Remote and SHIELD Controller, as well as the latest Android security patch that includes mitigations for the Spectre vulnerability.
  3. Android News

    NVIDIA prepping Spectre vulnerability patch for SHIELD Tablet

    Nvidia has already released a patch for the KRACK vulnerability that was discovered, but the company is now getting ready to deploy a security patch for the Spectre vulnerability for the SHIELD tablet.
  4. Android News

    NVIDIA's new 65-inch 4K gaming displays also run Android TV

    NVIDIA has unveiled 65-inch gaming displays which are aimed at hardcore PC gamers who want a huge screen, and have impressive specs like a 4K resolution, HDR, as low as 1ms latency, and a 120Hz refresh rate. They also run Android TV. Expect models from Asus, Acer, and HP to start the lineup.
  5. Android News

    Deal: NVIDIA Shield Android TV for $149

    If you live in the United States, you can now purchase the Shield TV for as little as $149. This is the variant of the Shield TV that only comes with the regular remote and not the game controller.
  6. Android News

    Nintendo Wii, GameCube games come to China on NVIDIA Shield

    As revealed by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Nintendo is teaming up with NVIDIA to release some of its Wii and Gamecube games in China for the first time. The games will run on the NVIDIA SHIELD. NVIDIA confirmed that New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and...
  7. Android News

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, Tablet K1 Updated With KRACK Patch

    The SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Tablet K1 from NVIDIA are receiving updates this week, patching the KRACK vulnerability and including the November security update.
  8. Android News

    SHIELD Experience Upgrade 6.2 for SHIELD TV

    Nvidia has updated the Nvidia Shield TV to 6.2, which brings support for Google Assistant and viewing HDR content on VUDU among other bug fixes.
  9. Android News

    Turning the SHIELD TV into a smart home hub with the SmartThings Link

    You can turn your SHIELD TV into a smart home hub using the SmartThings link. Phandroid shows you how it's done.
  10. Android News

    Deal: NVIDIA SHIELD TV for $170

    The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is down to $170 on Amazon from $199. This is the lowest price the player has ever been.
  11. Android News

    The latest update to the NVIDIA SHIELD TV brings YouTube TV and SmartThings Link support

    NVIDIA has updated the SHIELD TV to include the YouTube TV application and support for the Samsung SmartThings Link, along with other enhancements.
  12. Android News

    NVIDIA Halloween sale takes up to 80% off select titles

    NVIDIA is taking up to 80% select titles in a Halloween sale. Titles on sale include Resident Evil 5, Doom 3 BFG Edition, and Deadlight.
  13. Android News

    SHIELD TV bundled with SHIELD Remote for $179

    A typical SHIELD TV bundle came with a SHIELD Controller included, starting at $199. Now, there’s a new bundle available, a SHIELD TV coupled with just a SHIELD Remote, priced at $179.99.
  14. Android News

    No Oreo for Nvidia Shield/K1 tablet

    An Nvidia representative has confirmed via Twitter that the nVidia Shield K1 tablet will not be updated to Android Oreo.
  15. Android News

    The entry-level NVIDIA Shield TV is now priced at $180

    NVIDIA's Shield TV promised to be an Android set-top box for gamers, and in that sense, it delivered. The company first released it in 2015, but its updated version cut down on price by bundling the $50 remote in to make the base-tier $200 version more cost-efficient. Now they're dropping that...
  16. Android News

    8 Moments When Metal Gear Solid 2 Wowed the World

    Even after its original launch, Konami’s espionage action hit still has the power to impress like few other games of its era. In fact, Metal Gear Solid 2 is such an amazing technical showcase, even to this day, many modern titles have yet to catch up to the standards its hugely interactive...
  17. Android News

    Unreleased NVIDIA SHIELD 2 handheld found at pawn shop in Canada

    An NVIDIA SHIELD 2 handheld was spotted in a Canadian pawn shop. The device appears to be a developer unit that was never meant to be available for sale. NVIDIA had been working on a successor to the SHIELD, but they seemingly axed those plans.
  18. Android News

    DEAL: Get Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for 50% off

    Konami recently released Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Edition on the Play Store strictly for the Nvidia Shield TV. It is currently on sale for $9.99, which is 50% off its regular price.
  19. Android News

    NVIDIA is recalling a number of faulty European AC wall adapters for SHIELD

    Some European AC wall adapters are being recalled by NVIDIA as they risk causing an electrical shock.
  20. Android News

    Voluntary Recall of European plug heads for NVIDIA SHIELD AC Wall Adapters

    Nvidia has issued a voluntary recall for the European AC wall adapters for its Nvidia Shield tablet.
  21. Android News

    SHIELD TV Units Receiving Updated YouTube App With 360-Degree Video Support

    The updated YouTube app for Android TV is rolling out to SHIELD TV units, as confirmed by NVIDIA. This update not only brings a fresh UI, but access to YouTube 360, which will have you streaming videos in a full 360 degrees straight to your big screen.
  22. Android News

    DEAL: Get the NVIDIA Shield TV for just $179.99

    For Prime Day 2017, Amazon is offering the NVIDIA Shield TV for just $179.99, down from the regular price of $200.
  23. Android News

    How to pair a PS4 or Xbox One controller to NVIDIA Shield TV

    Richard from Android Central has created a tutorial on how you can pair your PS4 or Xbox One controller to your NVIDIA Shield TV.
  24. Android News

    Here are the best Android Games for the NVIDIA Shield TV

    Marc from Android Central has compiled a list of the best games for the NVIDIA Shield TV and the list includes the following: - Borderlands: The Sequel - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - GoNNER - Ultime Chicken Horse - Half-Life 2
  25. Android News

    Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2 brings new features

    The Nvidia Shield TV Experience Upgrade 5.2 is now available, bringing with it several improvements. Most notably is support for dual USB tuners and the ability to DVR shows to network attached storage.