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    Pixel Contacts App & Microsoft 365 Accounts

    I have used the email app Nine on my Google Pixel 2 XL for years to access my Microsoft 365 accounts without issue (I don't like the Outlook app). Recently I noticed when trying to add contacts in the default Pixel contacts app, I no longer have an option to add contacts to my Microsoft 365...
  2. Android News

    Microsoft's Slack competitor, Teams, is launching today for Office 365 customers

    Microsoft has started rolling out its own Slack competitor, Teams, to subscribers of Office 365. The official Android app has also launched onto the Play Store.
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    Amazon adds official Office 365 calendar support to Alexa enabled devices

    All Amazon Alexa enable devices now support Office 365's calendar functions with its latest update. So now you can check on your next meeting as well as schedule a new one all with your voice.
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    Microsoft's OneDrive will be getting a new Discover feature to surface Office 365 files you need

    Microsoft just announced a number of things related to OneDrive and something they mentioned was about a new feature headed to its Android application. This feature is called Discover, and it uses Office Graph to suggest relevant and trending files from Office 365 (so you don't have to search...
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    Office 365 Subscribers Don't Get Unlimited OneDrive Storage Anymore

    Effective immediately, Office 365 Home, Personal, and University subscribers return to capped OneDrive plans. Apparently, Redmond didn’t appreciate that a “small number of users” backed up 75TB+ data on its servers, including non-essential stuff like “entire movie collections.”